Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm Not Surprised.

All right.  Embarrassed or not, I’m just going to spill it even though half of the surprise is still not picture ready.

We painted the exterior of our house and it looks beautiful.  The painters thought it would be finished by Friday, but weather stalled it.  Then it was supposed to be finished Saturday, but weather stalled it again.  I was certain it would be finished by today, but nope, maybe tomorrow or Wednesday.

The other half of the surprise is picture ready.  Cali and Ray painted and hung cupboards in our laundry closet    room.  

Heretofore the shelves in the laundry room were 1” x 10” boards laid across grey metal brackets.  

To hide those unsightly shelves, I made muslin curtains and hung them across the front of the closet room.  But no longer.  We now have an official laundry closet room with no need of muslin curtains as I painted the little room this afternoon and it has real shelves.  It looks so nice.   

And . . . guess what else?  I got two unexpected packages in the mail today.  Perfect timing! 

1.      My niece Charlie has been working at DisneyWorld and she sent me this hat.  Oh ho.    

2.      Ty and Michelle wrote a kind letter on a water-colored picture they painted.  They also put some almond joy bites and peanut clusters in the box as well as a note saying that they, along with Joe/Ande, and Abe/Grace are taking me shopping for new running shoes when we go to Colorado in a few weeks.  They said it was non-negotiable.  What a nice surprise indeed.  I started jogging in Calvin’s tennis shoes a year and a half ago to get me by and they’re still getting me by.  I’m sure I’ll be able to jump higher and run faster in new shoes.

Thank you for being so funny about this little episode.  I believe Josh Billings pegged each one of you, “There is no greater evidence of superior intelligence than to be surprised at nothing.”

***Tonight Calvin and I worked in the garden for Family Night.  Those seed strips I told you about a few weeks ago have germinated very nicely.  


Deidra said...

We painted our exterior doors while my parents were here. It has made a huge difference to our house, so I can't wait to see your house.

My parents also hung cabinets above our washer and dryer (where there previously wasn't anything) and our kitchen (no laundry room for us) looks so much better for it!

We sang "The Prophet said to Plant a Garden" for FHE. Then I sent Chris out to work in the garden while I bathed and snuggled a little girl.

I love the parallels in our lives from this post, despite being at such different places in our lives. No new running shoes for me, though. Guess my ones from last summer would be just great, if I was into that sort of thing nowadays!

Cali said...

I do believe you look down-right neighborly in that hat. The room looks INCREDIBLE! Can't wait to see it in person. Still getting a kick out of you hyping the surprise up too much...


michelle said...

The laundry room looks amazing! I have been wanting to paint my kitchen cabinets for years, but I keep chickening out.

It sounds like you definitely need your own pair of running shoes!

Love the Josh Billings quote.