Friday, May 20, 2011

Life in My World – The Gamut

1.  I’m happy that today is sunny, warm, sweet-smelling, and productive and that tomorrow begins a week of family.
2.  I’m chagrined that I fell asleep while a friend was talking yesterday.

3.  I’m surprised that I got a pedicure today because I usually guilt myself out of getting one.

4.  I’m fatigued because four-thirty am was a long time ago, and four miles is a long ways, and a nap is not in the forecast.  

5.  I’m mad that President Obama endorsed the Palestinians' demands and told Israel to relinquish their land.

Why are you happy, embarrassed, surprised, fatigued, and mad today?


michelle said...

4:30? Yikes.

Sad about #2.

Hooray for #3! Pedicures are kind of rare for me but oh such a happy indulgence.

I'm really confused about the whole Palestine/Israeli thing.

I'm surprised that Max decided not to go on the Scout campout. I let him decide, but I really thought he would do what I wanted him to do!

I'm mad that my laundry room flooded. Again. I wish the rain would stop now.

I'm fatigued by being a single parent. Marc comes home tomorrow. It's been a long month.

Jill said...

I'm happy that after 4 days of rain (which I enjoyed) the skies are blue, the clouds are fluffy and the sun is shining!

I'm annoyed that Whitney left her wet towel on the futon AGAIN!

I'm happy that I was able to go to the temple after work today.

I'm so glad you got a pedicure! I think they're a wonderful treat that we all deserve now and again. It gives me a great boost to have my heels put in a presentable, nonsheet-snagging state again.

4:30am and I are all about sleeping.

Deanna/Mimi said...

I had to laugh when you asked what was our day like. Hmmm..first thought was that for two days no bathroom to take a shower or toilet. Looks like another day yet to go. Wouldn't you know..because of the health problems I needed both the shower and the main bathroom toilet. Won't go into detail, but I think you can guess. :( It is not much fun around here right now, so I will go lay down unless they took away my bed too!!!

Alisa said...

Oh that is so wonderful that you got a pedicure. I am going back and firth about getting one, and knowing that you got one kind of pushes me more towards getting one myself!

I am happy today is the last friday of school!
I am embarrassed about my reaction upon hearing my husband was released from his calling.
I am surprised how I looked in some pictures I just saw of myself. (actually I think that could have also been the embarrassed one too!)
I am fatigued with the end of the school year awards/field trips/recitals/track meets etc.
I am mad that my children have been exposed to filth at school already.

Enjoy your week of family- I hope it is everything you want and more.

Neil said...

1. I am definitely happy it's sunny and FRIDAY!

2. I am embarassed at the state of my house and it's lack of cleanliness - and we're not talking just a day of not picking up from the day - it's bad!

3. I am surprised I am still awake; I am TIRED! I need sleep, which reminds me of a song sung by the group "Bare Naked Ladies" - they say, "Who needs sleep? You're never gonna get it!" Bummer!

4. Speaking of fatigued - that's me - all around fatigued. Too much laudry, too much clutter, too much . . . too much.

5. I am mad that I have an 8-year son who decides that not telling the truth is going to be a good idea. I realize he's 8, but he's got to learn that the truth is SOOOO much better. I am also pretty upset about my own lack of motivation for trying to get my old clothes to fit!

Wow, Jane, thanks for asking. :) I think I needed to vent for a minute!

Neil said...

That was Tina by the way, apparently Neil is currently signed into Google . . .

Deidra said...

I am happy that tomorrow our new church building will be dedicated! It should make a good birthday present.

I am embarrassed that I've sent Chris off for the second day running while I stayed in bed

I am surprised we agreed to go to a friend's birthday party tonight. He's a very critical person, so it's wearying to spend time with him. (Hoping that I'm pleasantly surprised and that it's a good evening!)

I am fatigued because I have a one month old. She's given us a few good stretches at night lately, but it never quite seems to be enough. Momma always wants more!

I am mad at myself for having a bad attitude about Chris spending the day helping with an Eagle project.

For it being so early in the morning I seem to have a bad attitude! I guess if I look for them, I'll find those emotions. I promise I really am happy this morning! :-)

Becky said...

I have tried three times to leave a comment and blogger isn't working. I'm trying one more time...

I am happy because it is a beautiful new day and the kids are done with school!

I am embarrassed by my lack of knowledge of current international affairs (working on renewing my newspaper subscription).

I am surprised by how unsurprised I was this weekend when Jeff got his new calling.

I am fatigued by the constant work this last week of teaching siblings to show love and respect for each other...

Have a fun week with family! :)

Becky said...

Yeah my comment finally posted!! :)

Clark said...

we love it your bigger is good today