Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ten Things That Made Tuesday Terrific

1.  It was sunny.

2.  It was magazine day.  Sometimes I come home and there is an 18 inch stack of magazines waiting on our doorstep – everything from The Economist to Martha Stewart Living to Backwoods Home to the Gurney Seed Catalog.  My friend Brenda brings them every month or two and today was the day.  The whole family has enjoyed her generosity through the years.

3.  The lilacs are in full bloom.  Every year my goal is to have all of the spring yard clean-up done by the time they bloom so that we can fully enjoy them.  That is not my best thinking.  We should wait to even start cleaning up the yard until they bloom; it smells so wonderful everywhere that it would make all that raking and hauling a pleasure.

4.  The tree that Calvin carved our initials in died.  We thought.  That is not a good omen.  Tonight Calvin was getting ready to cut it way back, but found enough green growth to give us hope that it might pull out of it.  Long live our tree.

5.  I went to the temple.  We’ve got a great couple of weeks coming up – stacked with activity and interaction.  I want to soak it all in and I knew the only way I’d have enough room for it all is if I went to the temple and got perspective first.  I came away even more excited for the next two weeks of celebration if that is possible.

6.  I wore my favorite dress today.  It is not the most attractive dress, but it is the most comfortable.  Two random people said they thought it was pretty.  Long live comfortable, I shall continue to wear it. 

7.  I stopped to see my friend Melanie when I drove down to the temple.  I just found out this morning that she is expecting a baby and it was fun to drop by and tell her congratulations to her face.  A few minutes with Melanie is like a drink of cold, fresh orange juice.

8.  A world-class chocolate ice cream cone from Baskin-Robbins.

9.  A Neapolitan sunset.

10.  Bed and sleep.  It's such a nice reward to a good day.

What made your day terrific?


Brenda Goodrich said...

When I dropped off the magazines, I noticed your 'dead' tree---glad it's got hope:)

Ande Payne said...

I love that you think of bed as a reward. Sometimes when I'm really, really tired and I go to sleep I think of when you are really tired and you say, "Isn't going to sleep such a luxary?"

melanie said...

It was such a terrific Tuesday. I just loved my surprise visit. I'm still smiling about it! Thank you for taking the time, made my week!

Clark said...

we love it to is good today

Becky said...

Reading your post made the ending of my day terrific. :)

We had rain instead of sun which was terrific, I ate a root-beer float with Jeff after the kids were in bed, and best of all--I am done teaching preschool and moving on to the next adventure.

I've been too busy to comment much lately but I have been stopping by and reading because I always feel emotionally boosted when I do--thanks!

Kathy said...

Frankly, I can't remember Tuesday, but what made today great is that my husband and I spread bark over what used be a flower bed, now it is a grove! And I had lunch with some terrific ladies, it was so relaxed and comfortable and yummy!

Jill said...

Our lilacs are in bloom too and I've been catching the scent on the breeze the past few nights and I love it!

michelle said...

That really does sound like a great day.

I love your perspective on the lilacs - I am going to adopt that now since my yard work is definitely not done! (WAY too much rain this spring.)

I also love your perspective on going to the temple. I've never gone with that particular purpose in mind, but it is surely a good one.

Congratulations to Melanie!

Every single time I climb into bed, I sigh and am grateful for the pleasure of being comfortable and going to sleep. (And I usually think, why didn't I get in here sooner?!)

Deidra said...

I somehow get more magazines than I know what to do with (reading them would be ideal, but that isn't happening lately!). I pass them along to a friend and I sometimes wonder if she thinks I'm weird, so I'm glad to know you appreciate the hand-me-down magazines!