Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday Thinking – Two Thoughts

Two thoughts tonight:

1.  I keep thinking about this dream:  It was six o'clock p.m. and we still hadn't started to cook the potatoes or the meat for Ty and Michelle's reception (that will be here Saturday).  Plus, we had no sour cream so someone still needed to go to the store. The guests were beginning to come and I didn't know how to get 50 pounds of meat and 175 potatoes cooked in less than an hour.  I felt terrible.

I told myself, "I don't like this dream; wake up and start over,"  but the same dream kept coming back no matter how many times I started over.

2.  Marie made this comment on yesterday's post, "I love how much fun your family has when they all get together.  No drama, no bickering, just good times."

Oh Marie, your comment about no bickering made Calvin and I chuckle out loud.  He said, "We just know how to get over it."  One of Calvin's favorite sayings when there is an argument is, "What we have here is a failure to communicate." (Mimicking the prison warden from the movie Cool Hand Luke with Paul Newman).  So while we do love being together and have great times, we still argue about kick ball rules and the like.


Clark said...

we good eork day is good today

Deidra said...

After all the comments from your family about your organization and planning skills in Colorado, I don't think you have to worry about forgetting to cook the reception food. I'm sure it will be wonderful!

Marie said...

No, no. A little bit of fussing over kick ball rules is nothing. That is even part of the fun! I meant that mean-spirited, hurt feelings kind of language. I don't see that kind of thing going on.

(How fun was it to see my name on your blog! I'm famous!)

Jill said...

I thought the same thing as Marie about everyone getting along together. Even though my family never fights when we're together there often unspoken irritations going on (often by me) that always leave me feeling like a chump.

michelle said...

I think Marie hit it on the head. I do love the way your family loves each other. And I love the way a blog comment can get you thinking/talking/laughing!