Monday, July 11, 2011

11 on 11 of July '11

Michelle – our family

Levin – packed and ready to go to his doctor’s appointment.  Unfortunately he 
stumped everyone in the office because they witnessed him eating twice as 
much is needed, but still is a half of a pound below his birth weight.  
We're not sure where all that milk is going . . . I guess in his diaper

Ray – putting Levin where he likes to be: next to him and squished in a tight spot

Cali – showing off our half finished basement that should be finished this week

Ande – the culmination of our FHE: planning our week and Molly Moon's ice-cream sandwiches

Trevor – Ann and Ryker caught their first coyote

Abe - Grace, Connie, and Abe making their pizzas

Grace - Grace and Connie getting ready to eat their pizzas

Calvin and Jane – filled in passport applications for family home evening.  
We don’t have a trip planned, just thought it was a good idea to have them

Michelle – We are about to finally open the rest of our gifts.  We are so grateful for so much generosity

Joe – unfortunate french fries, they can’t all be winners

Ty – at the cannery.  We got a lot of food storage done today

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michelle said...

Love it. But not the coyote – ew.