Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Technology Tuesday

I have a very good life and I recognize it.  I don't live in a cave.  I don't subsist on scraps found in a dumpster.  I have several pairs of comfortable shoes.  I have a thermostat that I set on warm, warm, warm.  I'm a wife.  I'm a mother.  I'm a grandmother.  I'm a sister.  I'm a friend.  I can read.  I can write.  I have a job.  Calvin has a job.  I can add and subtract.  I can walk and smile and talk at the same time.  I have oranges in the summer and strawberries in the winter.  I can communicate instantly.  I have faith in God and a religion that helps me to make covenants with God.  I even have my Christmas card picture taken already.  Yes, I have a very good life.

Notwithstanding all the good I have in life I worry sometimes.  Mostly about others, sometimes about world events.  But worry is worry and it can pock a perfectly good day.  And that is why I have watched this video more than once and will still watch it again.  It reminds me to see things in an eternal perspective and to have faith, because faith is what makes life good.

And then I watch this video, too, because well . . . because it makes me smile.  And I think about all the practice that went into this and how this song is now permanently stuck in a lot of 5th graders' heads, and this song is a perfectly good song to have stuck in your head because it reminds you that the Lord God om ni po tent reign eth for ev er and ev er hal le lu jah, and faith in that puts things in perspective.


Susan said...

Thank you Miss Jane. I needed that today.

Alisa said...

I had watched the first one a few nights ago- but the second I had not seen. I love them both!
That was awesome! The song always makes me well with such emotion.
Beautiful to see tonight- So glad I checked your blog tonight!

melanie said...

After having a very 'post baby' day, I definitely needed both of these videos. I love that you blog (more regularly than me!)

michelle said...

Funny, I had just watched that second video - my dad sent me a link in an email. And that first one was beautiful. I think we all need a reminder like that from time to time. I tend to think that my faith is strong enough to buoy me up, but when trials come - even small ones - I am ashamed by how quickly I can crumble.

My favorite part of this post is your last sentence. You are so cute, Jane.

camery said...


yet another reason i love you and this blog of yours. that first video was an answer to one of my own prayers earlier this very week. i guess He wanted to be sure i got the message. (and, really, who WANTS to be the hysterical lady across the aisle from an apostle. not i.)

i'm so glad you all had a great thanksgiving. but i'm even more glad you all were spared any rogue hairs courtesy of that awesome hairnet calvin was sporting. ha ha ha!

Marie said...

What a neat project for those school kids to do! I am sure I'll watch this several times over.

We are having a nice snow-stormy day around here and some of Handel's masterpeice goes well with making Christmas candy. Such a good life I'm leading.

(PS: I've gotten my Christmas card picture taken too. this year's shot is just my big baby belly and the four kids snuggling around it. LOVE)

Nikki said...

I saw the first video earlier this week. I watched it twice already. I thoroughly enjoyed the second one. Thanks.

Emma J said...

I know I can always be reminded of the things that really matter when I come visit you here. You are a treasure, Jane. Thanks for sharing these videos -- I love the Hallelujahs!

My word verif is "terfal" -- the gnome in there doesn't spell very well, but is very perceptive. I am. Thanks.