Sunday, December 11, 2011

11 on 11 of December '11

Calvin - Prepared plates to take to the bishopric and clerks to eat during tithing settlement.  I told him to smile for 11 - 11 and he said, "I'm Dasher.  No Dancer.  No Prancer.  No . . .  what's the other one's name?"
Rudolph.  He's Rudolph.  

Ty - My picture is with Hu Wentao right after I spoke in the Mandarin Branch 

Abe - enjoying the first roast we have ever made together. It was a success!
And Abe even enjoyed the cheesy scalloped potatoes Grace made, too.

Michelle - appreciating our advent box 

Jane - It has been so foggy that we have stuff on the ground that looks like snow.  
 It’s kind of cool – snow without snowing.

Joe - Notice the mantle decoration tumbling over and into the re-purposed Christmas village

Ande - grading 130 high school essays really puts a damper on one's weekend.

Grace - Went to friend's (Chelsea Heaps) house while Abe went to a church meeting.
Abe and Grace love Payson, Shayne and Chelsea’s little boy.

Cali - Me bathing Levin.  At the last minute, he decided to take a break from drinking his bath water and poked his head up, so he could be in the picture.  I'm not kidding on any account.

Ray - Ray watching his first of many masterpieces.  It is a good thing I have Ray as a co-parent.  He was the one that discovered Levin can sit-up on his own, if you get him in the position.  I was preoccupied with the fact that he STILL can't roll-over, so therefore he must not be able to sit-up yet.  Silly me.  If I were a single parent, our children probably wouldn't walk until they were 5... assuming ALWAYS gets me in trouble.

Levin - He has discovered his feet, but his torso is SOOO much longer than
his legs,  so there is NO hope of those feet ever making it to his mouth...
where he REALLY wants them.  Ray gave Levin a mohawk last night.
He was very concerned with how whimpy Levin looked the night
before when I pulled out a comb and gave Levin a nice respectable
comb-over.  With his comb-over he looked like Calvin
(Calvine & Hobbes) on picture day.


Deidra said...

Ray and Cali's sink is like a baby spa! And if it's any consolation to Cali, neither of us would have realized Millie could sit up on her own. A friend suggested it and I thought she was crazy. Sure enough she could! It's good we have other people to help us figure it out!

I know bishoprics love food during tithing settlement. I never realized that until Chris was in a bishopric, but I'd since forgotten. Too bad I just missed that opportunity to serve.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

ho ho ho

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

It looks freezing there!

I do believe that I was at a bell choir concert on the 11th of December 2011!

Anonymous said...

Jane it's the end of the 11 on 11 !! I'll miss it. Deb

Maddie Jane said...

Next year will you PLEASEEEEE do 12? I am going to miss it sooo much.

michelle said...

I love all of this. I took some muffins over to tithing settlement. You guys took a spread!

Levin really does have his own baby spa. And I love the picture of Ray watching him.

Brenda Goodrich said...

Levin is stupendous! I love that Cali mentioned Ray and one of his many masterpieces. Does that mean a large progeny, or what?

Becky said...

Bishoprics love people who bring something besides sweets (although those are great too!). :)

We spent the 11th in Stake was a bit emotionally taxing for me but I know I'll adjust soon enough.

Love all the pictures of your amazing family but Levin peeking over the edge of the sink wins my vote for favorite!

Rachel said...

I second Maddie. This is my favorite!