Saturday, January 28, 2012

Life in Our World – Saturday Small Talk

·        The other day I couldn’t find my phone.  Anywhere.  I was going to be late so I left home without it.  When I returned home I asked Calvin if he would call it so I could find it.  It was up in the cupboard with the boxes of pudding.  Duh.  Who doesn’t think to look there?

·        Michelle had the great idea of us instituting a family temple day.  Three different dates are on the calendar this year and each family attends the temple nearest them on that day.  Though we all attend the temple regularly, by having a family temple day it will give us an opportunity to be unified in thought and purpose on that particular day even though we’re miles (or continents) apart.  January 21st was our first date scheduled.  Cali and Ray went to the Seattle temple, and Michelle and Ty went to the Washington D.C. temple.  Because the Denver temple would be closed on that day, Abe and Grace went the week before.  The roads were too icy for Joe and Ande (they were traveling) and Calvin and me to go on that day so we went this week.  Even though we couldn’t all make it on the same day this first time, I think this is a grand plan and am very glad we have these dates scheduled.  I hope to have family names to take to the temple by the next date.      

·        You know the dancing figures that hold signs on street corners that advertise businesses?  We have a dancing bottle of shampoo on one of our street corners.  If I didn’t have such a great hairstylist, I’d give their salon a try just for his efforts.  Yesterday Calvin and I saw three dancing Statues of Liberty selling Liberty Tax.  I wished the light would have stayed red longer.  They were the funniest things.  There was a plump lady liberty who waved her sign like a beauty contestant, and two wiry men liberties that could do tricks with their signs. 

·        We got the Crawford family’s annual Happy Groundhog’s Day letter in the mail yesterday.  (My friend Denise is studying Hebrew, can you imagine that for your New Year’s resolution?)  We expect the Schofield family’s Happy Valentine’s Day letter in the mail soon.  I just love getting these “Christmas” letters at other holidays and consider sending ours on another holiday each year after receiving theirs.

·        Calvin and I went to Costco together this week.  We needed to buy some industrial strength shelves.  Since it was going to be a big check anyway I said, “How about we both go back to the fruit and vegetable section and each make a choice – cost doesn’t matter?”  Calvin will play games like that.  I always eye the fruits that are out of season (like raspberries that are $9 a pound) and think how fun it would be to go home with them, then talk myself out of them by saying if I wait five more months they’ll be free in the backyard or remember that there are free ones in the freezer at home.  We didn’t stop at one choice; we came home with fresh blueberries, pears, mini-cucumbers, green beans, pomegranate arils . . . and oranges.  Calvin also picked up a couple of lobster tails for Valentine’s Day even though that was outside the vegetable bin boundary rule.

·        We brought those shelves home and put them together and organized the storage room.  Bringing order to chaos is a very satisfactory feeling.  The storage room doesn’t look like a grocery store, more like a Goodwill that sells foodstuffs, but it’s organized and I shall be content with that.

What dances on your street corners?
Do you covet fruits and vegetables at Costco?
What store does your storage room resemble?


Alisa said...

I covet that you shop at a Costco.

michelle said...

I do covet the fruits and vegetables at Costco. Mostly the raspberries.

I always feel sad for the dancing figures.

A family temple day is a great idea!

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

My food storage looks like a grocery store in 3rd world country! Sad, I know. However, it does have food and will last us at least one week.

(I need to keep working on this. I am used to only buying what I will use and not a ounce more.)

Deidra said...

Just this week we chose not to renew our Sam's Club membership. If only there was a Costco in this town! We're very much in the penny-pinching mode, so when we walk through the over-priced produce I can generally tell you at which store you can currently find the best deal on it. Then I feel smug! :)

I, too, love the family temple idea. Our ward has had one ward temple day in the year and a half since we moved here. It's hard to finally pin down a day spend in travel and worship, so having a set date is always nice. In fact, I'm going to go email my family about initiating one as soon as I finish here.