Sunday, February 12, 2012

52 Blessings – Today

It’s Abraham Lincoln’s 203 birthday today.  He’s been a hero that has not tarnished one iota the more I’ve learned about him.  I’m grateful for a sterling example of patience, compassion, and integrity.  I think of his example often.

I’m grateful for Fast Sunday (typically the first Sunday of each month where Mormons refrain from food and drink for 24 hours and donate the money saved to help those who are in need).  I’m grateful for the perspective and inspiration that comes when I fast and pray for a specific purpose.  (Our Fast Sunday was today since the first Sunday of this month we had Stake Conference.)

I’m grateful for roast, potatoes, and carrots that are ready the minute you walk in the door from church.

Our hometeachers came by to visit today.  I’m grateful they take the time to visit us, teach a lesson, and be our friends.  It also means a good dessert.

I’m grateful for e-mail which allows me to make contact with everyone in our family at one time.  Even a letter can’t do that.

I had a good friend who died of cancer a couple of years ago.  I still miss her.  It wasn’t my friend’s first battle with cancer, she’d had it twice before, and because of those prior experiences no day went unappreciated.  Really, they didn’t.  Even when it rained.  She hated the rain.  Even when she hurt.  And she hurt a lot.  She was grateful each day for another to spend with her husband and five sons.  I’m grateful she taught me to not wish away one day – no matter what it had or didn’t have in it.

What are you grateful for about your day today?


Melinda said...

I am actually grateful I got to sub today in Primary. I was released from the presidency in Oct and was very grateful for the break. I was very pleasantly surprised at how fun it is to be with the kids and have that alone time during class to really talk and teach the kids. I have never been a Primary teacher but was in several different presidencies for over 11 years.

Cali said...


I just found a bunch of your blogs... I didn't see you'd written. Ray has been using my google reader and he was reading yours and not marking them as unread, so I'd find them. What an easter egg. Oh I loved them and I love you. You are such a happy woman. I'm so grateful you're an example to me of this.

Love your daughter,

michelle said...

A hero that does not tarnish is pretty rare, I'd guess.

I too am grateful for the ability to mass communicate with my friends and family. I'd be even more of a hermit otherwise!

I love the idea of not wishing away one day, no matter what it has or doesn't have in it. Wise advice.

I am grateful that today is a minimal day, which means that Jill gets off work early and is coming for Creative Friday (Monday)! And, of course, that I'm not sick anymore.

Deidra said...

I'm grateful for good, good friends who make us miss our families less.

I'm grateful that I can video chat with my family via portable devices. Hanging out in the kitchen feeding Millie? Sure, we can chat with Grandma & Papa! Amazing.