Monday, February 13, 2012

Twelve on Twelve of February 'Twelve

Ty and Michelle - Happy 203 Abe

Ty and Michelle - six to eight weeks more

Grace - first project with my new sewing machine finally completed
. . . a fun, new skirt for summer!
Abe - Getting ready for another exciting day of training
Ray and Levin - Levin doing his trick and holding on to his reins
Ray, Cali, and Levin - Ande came for dinner since Joe is gone
Joe - Ready to spend our first Valentine's Day apart.  Better luck next year . . . 
Ande - Joe is gone this week and I'm sick.
The best part of being sick is getting to watch TV.
The only thing good about your husband being gone on Valentine's Day
is getting the bag of conversation hearts to yourself
Calvin and Jane - Dessert
Jane - putting Sunday dinner in the oven before church
Calvin - "cleaning my rifle, dreaming of you"  (I have no idea how the rest
of the song goes because this is the only line he sings, over and over and over)
He's making a new gun and showed our home teachers
what he'd finished on Saturday
Trevor - my first modpodge.  Michelle helped.  I am a mastermind


Cali said...

Excuse me. There are only 11 pictures and one of ours is missing...


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh my goodness! How did THAT happen?

Actually I know how it happened, blogger blocked the image of the pictures, so I was stabbing in the dark as to what to add to the post. Very 'tricky.' But, it's fixed now.)

Thank you!

Haley Krumblis said...

So fun to read!! Love seeing everyone once a month, it makes my day!

Grace said...

Yay for pictures! They are always so much fun to see.

Cassidy said...

Megs saw the picture of you putting the food in the oven and exclaimed "I want to go to HER house!" My kids love your place.

Deidra said...

When I saw Cali's comment I wondered if she'd sent an offensive picture in. Levin's trick is adorable. It's so cute how pleased he is with himself!

Ande Payne said...

I love this tradition. It's so fun to get to see everyone's day. I especially love Trevor's mod podge creation. And your dessert looks very, very good.

melanie said...

My babies can never do Levin's trick. They are just too squishy. That's my favorite baby trick!

Always fun to see what your family is up to on the 12th.

Cute skirt Grace!

michelle said...

Wow, only 6-8 weeks for Ty and Michelle! Another grandbaby on the way!

Love Levin's trick.

I want your dessert!

Holy cow, that is one big gun.

Becky said...

These are some of my favorite posts. You look so pretty in your Sunday picture. And Levin is super cute -- I want to squish him! :)

You can tell Ande that Jeff and I "celebrated" one of our anniversaries while he was on a business trip. It was a group training thing so they rented a charter bus and he was stuck with the group...he called me from a bar in New York on our anniversary. :) It's still one of my favorite stories to tell!

Love Grace's skirt and Calvin's gun and Michelle's baby bump too.

P.S. How were you able to control yourself at Disneyland while taking pictures?! I took soo many and it took me forever to pick and choose and then blog about it!

Melinda said...

My son Blake wishes he lived by you soo that Calvin can teach him how to make guns. He's very into them and wants to go into the army.

I hope you feel better.

My kids did the same trick as Levin with Jason. They loved it.

Do you have a sewing machine you recommend? I need to get one but I don't know what kind. I'm not really a seamstress, but I need something to do the basic things a mom of 5 needs to do!