Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday – Leftovers

Tonight we ate leftovers from Sunday dinner.  I warmed up the extra pork gravy and added some fresh mushrooms and the leftover roast to it, then served it over hot rice. 

I love leftovers – scraps and snippets, odds and ends, bits and pieces.  In fact, I wouldn’t be offended if someone engraved

She used it up;
She wore it out;
She made it do;
Or did without.
And then,
The wear and tear
Did her in.

on my headstone.  Even though I didn’t grow up in the Depression and I don’t hoard, I do like seeing things all used up.

My daily list usually has some leftovers from the day before added to it.  It’s great because I never have to worry about what I’ll do tomorrow.

Another leftover I have is three Golden Corral gift certificates.  Some friends gave them to us but we didn’t get them used before our Golden Corral closed.  I have no idea how much is still on them – I’m thinking about $30 total, but I’m not sure.  I don’t see us getting to a town that has a Golden Corral in it in the near future.  If you’d like them, just mention it in the comment section and leave your e-mail address.  If there is more than one of you we’ll put your name in Calvin’s hat and draw a leftover Golden Corral winner.  

That’s what the 29th of February is to me – a day of leftovers.  All those minutes that didn’t get used up in 20011, 2010, or 2009 got put together and lo and behold, we get a whole new day tomorrow.  What a deal. That's better than pork gravy on Tuesday night.


hennchix said...

Oh Jane!! I love leftovers too, and I'm pretty lucky because most of the people in our house are choosy about what constitutes acceptable leftover fodder!

It's too bad our Golden Corral closed; when my nephews worked there years ago the food was always good- then again I might be prejudiced!! :-)

Have a great leftover day- see u tomorrow at YW!!

Charity said...

We have a golden corral that just opened up here...one of the few chain restaurants. I'd be thrilled to go somewhere besides red robin or applebees...I'd say we might go to olive garden, however the wait in any given day is 2.5 hours.

Thanks for the thinking about us!

Alisa said...

We love leftovers- for lunch dinner and breakfast! I am glad my family eats them. They usually take them for their lunch to school
If the golden corral tickets aren't already taken we would love them.

michelle said...

I like your take on Leap Day!

Deidra said...

The lack of left-overs is one of the biggest (only?) downsides of always going to our friends' for Sunday dinner. Monday leaves me blank.

The older woman I visit teach goes with her husband to Golden Corral multiple times a week. It would be fun to surprise her with the gift certificates! (And if I don't win, you've given me an idea for a little treat for her anyway.)

abe said...

That sucks that Golden Corral is closed. Grace and I wanted to go there with you when we visit. Now I guess we're left with only Inca's. Grace wants to know what all the older couples are going to do for dinner now.

Tiffany Fackrell said...

golden corral was the resteraunt we always went to on the first day of school. We loved it back then. But now our adult bodies can't handle the food their...if you know what I mean!!! HAHAHA! Fun memories to remember though.

oh and I'm not a big fan of leftovers weird huh. But thankfully david usually takes dinner leftovers for his lunch the next day so we don't have too many leftovers anyway!

Mike and Lisa said...

There must be something about Utahn's loving a good buffet because I can think of 3 Golden Corral's within a 10 mile radius of me. Throw my name in the hat if its still available!

Carole said...

Nice blog. I found a new way to use leftover roast lamb. http://caroleschatter.blogspot.co.nz/2012/02/salad-with-leftover-lamb.html

Becky said...

I have a roll-over to-do list as well :)

We love Golden Corral but I am tired of restaurant food for a while. They have yummy rolls.

Leap Day is one of my favorite holidays because it is the day that Jeff was ordained a Bishop (eight years ago..can you believe it?!).