Monday, March 12, 2012

12 on 12 of March '12

Jane - I'm participating in a photo a day for the month of March.  Today's topic:  Fork.
This is the silverware pattern I chose when we got married.  All the big people forks and spoons are long gone
so we're down to only the salad forks and knives.  The knives would make good garden markers,
but I can't think of a project that needs a dozen salad forks.  

Ty & Michelle - I made chicken cordon bleu and twice-baked potatoes (and green beans, but who really counts those?)
for dinner.  It turned out pretty good (Ty is making me type the word "amazing" and won't leave the room until I do)
for a first attempt.  P.S. Notice the forks ;-)

Ty & Michelle - Ty wanted a closer picture of the food.  He said it was Neighbor-Jane-beautiful
 and needed to be photographed.  The baby wanted to help hold it.  Look how strong
(and big!) she is!

Ty & Michelle - This is hopefully the last 12-12 picture with a pregnant Michelle in it.
Full-term the end of this week!

Calvin - "Empty Nester's" family night at Roylance's with pie for dessert.
We played a game and Brenda and Maxine were two of our teammates.  

Abe - Eating root beer cake.  Yummm.  Grace and I came to Seattle to see Ray, Cali, Levin, Joe, and Ande.  

Grace - "Yikes.  A fork."  Waiting for dinner at Ande and Joe's.

Ray and Cali - FHE and dinner with Abe, Grace, Joe, and Ande

Joe - Chewie's favorite new toy:  Lambchop

Ande - For dinner I made Indian buttered chicken and some tasty naan (pictured) with mint chutney.
It was successful and delicious.

Levin - Levin informed us all he wants to be a dentist . . . or maybe a hygienist.  He tried his hand on Uncle Abe.

Grace - Levin cleaning Aunt Grace's mouth.


Michelle said...

Love it as usual! Thanks for always doing this each month. We love it.

Deidra said...

Warning: Here I go with connections again!

I think the Roylances (I don't know if there are lots of them in ML) have a son (Mitch) that's married to my 2nd cousin once removed. And my best friend from high school is marrying the cousin's brother in May. So best friend will be Mitch's sis-in-law. Does that make sense? Do you know Mitch? Am I completely creeper with my connections? :)

I always like seeing these monthly pictures. Andi's naan looks great. I've never had much success with it, so I'd love to know her secrets!

Lucy said...

What a happy family.

melanie said...

Do you just love to see your adult kids enjoying time together? Another great 12 on 12.

Becky said...

Always love the pictures! And I laughed out loud on a couple :)

P.S. You could hang the forks on the wall in a grouping and use them to hold small photos, cards, etc. (attach magnets and use them on the fridge). Or bend the tines and create easels and/or card-holders for place settings.

michelle said...

DITTO to Lucy's comment. I love it.

I too would like to know Ande's naan secrets. Mine hasn't turned out very well, and I love naan!