Sunday, May 27, 2012

52 Blessings - A Name and a Blessing

Afton Jayna Payne.

Some religions call the event a christening, we call it blessing a baby.  The reason we chose this week to visit Ty and Michelle was to attend Afton’s blessing today.

Afton wore the same dress and ruffled bottom that Michelle wore when she was blessed.  Whitney (Ty and Michelle’s matchmaker) made her a tiny beaded bracelet to wear too. To say that Afton was darling is an understatement.

Ty gave Afton a beautiful blessing and, much to Michelle’s relief, Afton slept quietly through the whole thing so we could hear and appreciate every word. I love anticipating those pronounced blessings being fulfilled.

Dallin, Brian, Calvin, Ty, Michelle, AFTON, me, Emily, Addie, Levi, Andy

(Calvin and I hadn't yet seen Andy and Addie. Calvin remarked to me after spending time with them what
good-natured and well-behaved kids they are. They are just like Emily and Levi, peace-loving and happy.
It was so fun to spend time with them, even if only shortly. They're a great family.)

What made today day even better was that Brian, Kathy, and Dallin (Michelle’s folks and brother) were also here to celebrate, as well as Levi and Emily (my nephew and niece) who came from Virginia with their two children Andy and Addy. 

Kathy, Afton, and me

Whitney said that when she arranged for Ty and Michelle to meet, she was really just making it so Kathy and I would
make a new friend. Whitney was sure we'd enjoy each other, and she was so right. When we played a marriage game
this afternoon, many of Calvin and Brian's answers describing us were exactly the same. Michelle repeatedly
whispered, "You guys really are sisters aren't you?" and I just smiled because
I love and admire Kathy.  I'm so glad Whitney made it so we could go to these events together.  

After church we went to Ty and Michelle’s for dinner and ate grilled steaks, baked potatoes, broiled corn, watermelon, and real cheesecake. Afterwards we visited and played a marriage game (Calvin and I redeemed ourselves from the last time). 

Afton’s blessing day was a great way to help Ty and Michelle celebrate their very first anniversary.      


Cali said...

Oh mom. That was poetic and beautiful and funny. You have a way with words. Thank you for choosing eternity 30 years ago.

i love you.

Julie said...

A beautiful day. I'm so glad all of you could be there! I'm also glad you and Kathy are friends. You are both great women and it was truly a joining of 2 great families! Whitney is a wise woman!

michelle said...

It's a wonderful blessings to love your on-laws! What a great day for your family.