Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Homemaking Tip – Play Tubs

Last week my sister Rachel went to girls’ camp with Jesse and Maddie.  That left Pal to babysit Hydn.  She made toy tubs for them before she left.  I thought her idea was wonderful and wanted to share it with you:

Detective/Policeman/Fireman Toy Tub
photo by Maddie

Rachel wrote, "I made up two toy tubs for each day – one for morning play and one for afternoon.

photo by Maddie

photo by Maddie

  • "One was a detective/police/fire tub with tickets, bull horns, ink pad, guns, fire hats and masks, etc... 

photo by Maddie

  • "One was a vet tub with new (uncut) stuffed animals from Goodwill, surgery equipment, bandages, etc…. 

photo by Maddie

  • "One was a superheroes tub with masks, soccer boppers, and silly string (spiderman's weapon). 
  • "One was a farmer/garden store tub with pots, seeds, soil, watering can, cash register, butterfly net. 
  • "One was a barber tub with files for razors, balloons for heads, and shaving cream. 

"Pal faithfully made food for the two of them, fed the calf morning and night, watered my plants, cleaned and did dishes, and played with Hy. He's MY superhero.

"(After we came home) Hy asked me, 'Is Pal still in charge or are you?'

"I said, 'I will be.'

"He said, 'Oh, ok. When you get tired Pal can be.'

"They didn't miss me at all."


melanie said...

I love Rachael's creative mind. Mine does not work that way, thanks for posting her ideas so I can plagiarize her ideas.

Ande said...

I think I want Pal to be my boss too. That looks like fun.