Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Just in Case You Were Wondering . . .

Dear family,

First things first. I apologize that I've been silently accusing Calvin, Cali, Abe, and/or Ande for the last four years for taking my iPod recharge cord. At least I didn't throw Ty in the pile for I knew he didn't have use for one. I found my recharge cord, still in its original packaging, the other day while cleaning out one of the computer drawers. Evidently I'd been using one of yours and then when you left you took it with you and I assumed you took mine.

Now that that's cleared up:

The black pig died . . . but not until after your dad had pumped him full of $50 worth of medicine. And so the law of livestock lives on.

Dad's input: Please tell the kids that I love them.

I second that. We love and miss you all.



Grace: I'm so sad the black pig died. I love you.

Abe: Mom, I'm glad you aren't accusing me anymore. I know what that's like...I still know that Ande lost one of my CDs while I was on my mission.  I love you.

Ande: Abe I will go to my grave knowing I didn't lose your Monster Rock CD. And when you die, you'll figure it out too.

Abe: Ha ha...we'll see!

Me: Abe and Ande you guys are pretty darn funny. Ty please don't bring up the case of the missing Christmas candy, 'cause I know you want to. But, while we're confessing, who put the hole in our bathroom door back in '99 or '00?

Ty: At least you all didn't lose your Christmas candy to a thief.

Ty: P.S. Mom's email hadn't come in yet when I sent mine.

Abe: I didn’t even know there was a hole in the door.

Ty: Me either. I bet Mom did it.

Michelle: I'll be the first to accept blame in this email chain. The bathroom door was my fault.

Grace: Abe I could see you putting the hole in the door and eating Ty's candy! I think Abe's guilty.

Abe: No...we already know who the candy culprit is...and I honestly didn't even know there was a hole in the door.

Ty: Here's a hint. The candy thief wasn't the youngest child, nor was it a boy. Also Mom and Dad didn't like the kind of candy that went missing.

Grace: I'm just trying to stir things up

Ty: I'm not sure who put the hole in the door, but I do know who ate the last piece of pumpkin chocolate chip bread and didn't offer to share.

Michelle: Did my e-mail not go thru?

Abe: I don't know anything about pumpkin chocolate chip bread either. Apparently there is a lot I've missed out on.

Michelle: And I know who killed this email chain.

Me: Oh ho. This made my day to come home and read all this e-mail banter that happened while I was gone today. I can't wait to hear Cali's responses after she gets back to a computer. (She's been in Utah at Alan's wedding and a Follett family reunion.) And it's a good thing your dad won't type. He still keeps muttering about me finding my cord. Michelle, do tell. Did Ty eat the pumpkin bread? Cali needs this ammunition if it is.

Ande: It was Andy Murdock.

Ande: In case it wasn't clear, Andy Murdock put a hole in the bathroom door. Cali ate the candy, Michelle ate the pumpkin bread, Abe shot Ty with rocks in a bbgun and Ande was always a delight. And Professor Plum was in the dining room with the candlestick. The end.


Katie said...

I love your family banter. Priceless.

Alisa said...

I love your family! I was just waiting for the clue reference!

Deidra said...

I love families. :)

Peggy Dee said...

Catching up on your blog Jane... I love it... as usual!

Becky said...

I laughed out loud and Sally (the dog) looked at me like I'd lost my mind. :)

This sounds like some of the conversations of Jeff and his siblings at family reunion!