Saturday, June 2, 2012

Life in Our World - Six for Saturday

1.  Calvin vaccinated the pigs this week.  They love milk and corn.  It helps that we live next to a dairy that has both.

When we got married Calvin was managing the swine unit at BYU.  We've felt a fondness for them ever since and have raised them often. However, we haven't had any pigs for several years so it's fun to have a batch again.

The smallest pig rules this pen.  I think pecking orders are fascinating.  It's interesting watching people/animals find their role in a group, watch one rise to power, see what they do with it when they get it, and how the rest respond.

2.  The first weekend of June, The Farm Chicks hold an antique flea market in Spokane.  Ande, Cali, and Levin came over so that we could attend.  We'd never gone, but thought it would be fun.  We had a great time, they are so happy and fun to be with.  They have made that tricky transition of sisters to adult friends and it's fun to see and be with them as they interact.  

My favorite buy was a roller skate key.  I considered buying an old quilt in blue hues that was in good shape for $60, but didn't.  I still have no regrets, so I guess I made the best decision. Ande's favorite buy was a gift for a friend, and Cali's favorite buy was two things for her old fashioned coca cola memento box.

 3.  Calvin was excited to have Levin here as a helper.  He took him to see the new chicks, feed the pigs and calves, and pick radishes in the garden.

4.  Dan is the just the kind of dog we had hoped for.  He barks and growls (and even nips) at strangers and is very protective of us.  If I'm out jogging and stop to talk to the two farmers with fields around us or the ditch rider, he protectively jumps up and puts his feet on my chest, stares the men down and barks at them.  It's overkill and awkward, but if he recognizes someone as family or friend he loves them as well.  And, if you're standing he'll put his paw on your leg to say, "We're friends,"  or if you're sitting, he'll put his leg across yours to let you know he's got you covered.  

Levin, on the other hand, shows his acceptance by massaging Dan's brain.  The agreement seems to work for them.

5.  Nephew and niece, Levi and Emily, gave us some black shark teeth they had gathered on a beach in Virginia.  I have yet to think of a great use for them.  Scrapbook page?  Search and find item?  They remind me of mini arrow heads.  Any ideas?  

Levi, Abe, and Ty were inseparable as kids.  We lived about 100 yards from Levi's family for ten years and they played outside together all spring, summer, and fall.  One of the boys' favorite things to play was "Jim Craig" from The Man From Snowy River.  Long live Jim Craig.  Emily said that Andy's (their two year old) favorite movie is none other than the same.  Just hearing it reminded me of those boys playing in the corrals, and it was almost as if I could smell their hot sweaty heads after an afternoon in the sun.

I'm sorry, I don't know who to give credit to for this Subway art

6.  This week was seminary graduation.  I have one great job and while it's not appropriate to share much about it here on the blog, that job has made a big impact on my life and I have learned a great deal from, and loved and appreciated, each of the 42 classes I've taught.

Occasionally students return to sit in on a class after they've graduated, gone to college, or served a mission.  It's always great to see them in a classroom setting again and have them share their insights and experiences with the current students.  They're a living example of a truth that the Old Testament (our scripture course of study for this year) repeatedly teaches:  choose the consequence you want and then the right choices will follow.  


Deidra said...

Levin is so big! And adorable! Did wearing him around hurt your back?

My mom, sisters & I have talked about making it to the Farm Chicks sale. Sounds like you had a great time.

melanie said...

What an all around good day!

Levin is so brave with Dan. He could teach Nathan a few things. I'll let him know it's brain massage.

I absolutely love this.....'choose the consequence you want and then the right choices will follow.'