Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday Thinking - Nothing a First Birthday Can't Fix

There are a dozen things to think about today, many of which are not pleasant.  

But lucky for me there was one fun thing to focus on today and that was to help Levin have a fun birthday.  Of course he was clueless and could care less that today is his day (which is why Ray and Cali will celebrate it tomorrow when Calvin comes). 

But while Cali and Ray were at work today I kept pointing one finger at Levin and saying, "You're ONE today! It's your birthday!"

After his nap, we walked down to the bakery to get a birthday cookie to eat at the park.

Then we went to the park.

I pushed him in the swings and he laughed and laughed.

Then he played in the sandbox.

Next it was time to eat sticks, rocks, and cookies, and wade in the water.

As long as you're down on the beach, you might as well walk a little farther to see the rubber duck museum that one gentleman maintains in his backyard. He was putting up his 4th of July display today.

Then it was time to come home.

And as birthday luck would have it, there was a lemonade stand on the corner. The kids are thinking they might buy fireworks with their earnings.

The kids stood on top of the garage with a big cone used as a bull-horn calling,
"Lemonade made from real lemons."  When they saw us coming to their stand they cheered.
They were great and so polite and appreciative.

Seeing a man cheerfully set up his free rubber duck display, kids earning money at a lemonade stand, and being part of a little boy's delight while he played in the park were happy, happy things.  It makes it easier to face tomorrow's problems when you've got hope in people today.  


Haley Krumblis said...

What a fun day! Levin you are 1! I can't believe it's been a year!!

Alisa said...

So so happy- and I'm happy for you that you were there to celebrate!

Jill said...

Wow, I can't believe that sweet boy is one already! This looks like such a fun outing for you two.

Melinda said...

Happy birthday to Levin! He is so cute and he looks so happy in all the pictures.

You are such a good grandma. I am so glad you could be with him today.

Marie said...

Happy Birthday to your cutie of a grandson!

I love a good ol' lemonade stand. Timeless sign of summer and childhood ambition. Carter really wants to have one this summer, so we'll have to find a time to do that. (Then I just have to hope that someone stops to buy a cup of lemonade for $0.25)

Samantha said...

I can't believe that baby is one! How fun. And I am a sucker for lemonade stands. I will flip around and stop every time. I loved doing them when I was young and I live to support other little kids who still do it.

melanie said...

Happy Birthday Levin! What a fun little day for you and the birthday boy. Did you get in any photos with him?

Those kids look so happy with their stand and the sale.

Deidra said...

Hippity-happity birthday to Levin. It seems that, somehow, kiddos get even more fun after that first birthday. Millie's learning and doing has snowballed and it's been so fun. How fun to get to spend the day with Grandma and have her document it. Sweet.

michelle said...

I love all those photos of child pleasures. They delight in everything!