Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fire and Fever

Levin has had a fever the last two days, but it finally broke and his curiosity is returning.

Colorado Springs, Colorado is still on fire. I’m just so sad about it. Our family has visited there many times. I have so many memories of incredible events that have happened there for our family. Calvin used to live there, Ty used to live there, Abe and Grace still live there, and so do Michelle’s family, and many friends. 

thank you google images
Ty was Justin's hometeacher for many years.  Once Justin found out that both he and Ty have A+ blood,
no one could convince him they were just friends.  No sir.  They were brothers. 
Here Ray is helping Justin give his sibling toast to Ty and Michelle.  It was the sweetest. 

I worry about Justin, Ty’s friend with Down’s syndrome. His neighborhood was evacuated. Justin likes routine. Justin doesn’t like the unexpected. I wonder how he is coping with the flames, smoke, and smell. I haven’t heard yet whether or not they still have a home. 

thank you google images

The Superintendent’s home at the United States Air Force Academy, where Abe commissioned Ty last May, has been evacuated. The people in those homes were instructed to take enough food, bedding, water, and medications for three days and go to the event center at Fort Carson. That’s just down the road from Abe and Grace’s home. Military people are used to moving but not at that short of notice. 

thank you google images
thank you google images

The Flying W Ranch, a “taste of the old west” where they serve a chuck wagon supper with entertainment, burned to the ground yesterday. We went there to celebrate last year. The Flying W website asks that we please remember them and they promise to refund any reservations as soon as they have had “a chance to gather [their] thoughts.” 

I read two or three reports where those involved with the fire said it looked like hell itself had opened wide.  Ironically it's burning Garden of the Gods.

I know some of you live there, and many of you have family and friends that live there. I’m just so sad for all of you.


Cali said...

I've been thinking about what I would pack, and how I would feel about losing the rest. I wish I were in Colorado Springs so I could DO SOMETHING. I hate just sitting by.

I've also been wondering about what Levin was looking at... your knees.

Deidra said...

So scary! I've thought of Grace & Abe along with all my other AFA friends. Crazy. Makes me want to ready my 72 hour kit and make sure it's good to go. I can't believe it's only June and there are already so many fires. Yikes.

Alisa said...

It all makes me so so sad. I can't believe how much has been lost!

Becky said...

Like Cali, it makes me feel restless. It makes my heart hurt. Adding your family to our prayers...the list is getting long these days...

Melinda said...

Holy cow, those pictures are terrifying and so so sad! Wow, it makes you so grateful for your house. We have been praying for rain. It is so dry here and it feels likes all of UT is in flames. It's doesn't even feel safe to send the kids outside to play because there is so much ash and smoke in the air.

Ty said...

Actually, Justin was convinced we were brothers and wanted to get DNA testing done. I was able to convince him to just figure out his blood type. He found out that he is O Neg. When he found out that I was A Pos, he told me that the arm they tested for him was O Neg but that his other arm was A Pos. This allowed him to be my brother and another common friends brother.

Ande said...

1. This fire makes me feel so sad.
2. Those pictures of Levin cheered me right up!

michelle said...

Those photos are horrifying. I can't imagine having to evacuate like that! One more good reason to up my preparedness.