Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Twelve on Twelve of June 'Twelve

Grace: I was going to take a picture of Abe Skyping with me but there was 
another blackout [all communication shut down until next of kin notified]. 
It was the second one this week. 

Today I watched Hairspray with my friends. Two weeks ago we went 
and saw the play, so we thought it would be fun  to watch the movie!

Afton had to get some shots today.  She was so sad.

 Michelle:  One of the side-effects of the shots was sleepiness.  
They weren't kidding.  She never does this.

Ande:  Afton loves Aunt Ande

Ty:  Playing with Dad

(Note from Michelle:  Yeah... all of our pictures have to do with Afton.  
But today was a very Afton day.  The shots about did us all in between the
 actual event and the rest of the day.)

Joe:  Ande tells me my food pictures are boring.
I've included the little Chinese lady who fixed my lunch for variety.

Cali:  Levin committed that he will either start packing lighter or start carrying his own bags.   
(Follett family wedding and reunion)

Ray:  Levin finally agreeing to not be so stingy with his hugs. Ray making him prove it.

Calvinism #332:  Wysiwyg.
[pronounced wissy wig.  What you see is what you get.]
(Note from Jane:  I said, "Hey wait!  I need a 12 on 12 picture."
He turned and said #332.)

Jane:  What you see is what I got.

Abe: (Even though this picture is a bit late . . . ) We're counting this picture for the 12th
because that's when we were supposed to Skype, but we had a commo blackout.  
Clara wrote me a very, very nice poem and gave me a wonderful gift.

(Note from Grace: Abe skyping with me. He had held onto his Father's Day gift for a week already,
so Clara and I let him open it early. Clara gave him nice workout clothes
‘cause she loves how big her dad's muscles are. She also wrote Abe a very sweet poem.
Happy Father's Day, Abe!)


Jill said...

I'm sorry about the black pig! Sad.

What, no photos of you Jane?

Grace said...

I always love looking at all the pics! Poor little Afton getting her shots! Ande's hair looks super cute, and Levin's face is priceless in the picture with the luggage. Abe's picture is my favorite, though, especially since I don't get to see his sweet face very often :).

hennchix said...

Where was Joe? His pic made me homesick for Taiwan. Levin is such a little man now, and Afton is adorable! Love that Clara loves Abe's musskles!!

hennchix said...

Also- Grace will you add me to your blog roll? Miss reading about you and your adventures!