Sunday, July 15, 2012

52 Blessings

Ty made the New York Style Cheesecake, but it took five of the kids to get the candles lit 

This morning Calvin and I were talking about what a great thing it was that the kids and Rachel came home for my birthday and how wonderful it was to have them with us.  I said, "Who knew fifteen years ago that 50 would be such a great birthday?"

We lay there quietly and then I said, "Who knew twenty years ago that this would be such a great birthday?"

I dwelt on that one a second more and continued, "Who knew forty years ago this would be such a great birthday?"

And then a few moments later added, "Who knew one year ago this would be such a great birthday?"

Finally, Calvin said, "God knew. That's who knew Jane. Let me put your mind to rest, God knew and only God knew. Does that answer your question?"

I laughed and Calvin reminded me how lucky I am to have him answer all my questions.

Calvin's right.  God knows . . . everything.  Besides knowing trigonometry and how to make new stars, He knows what I need to learn and experience to be the best I can be.  He knows when I need encouraged and how to encourage me.  He knows when I need corrected and how to correct me.  He knows I'm his child and that I need to hear it often that He loves me.

God knows.  And that is a blessing.


patsy said...

happy birthday jane!
I thought you yesterday.
I hope it was a great day

melanie said...

I love this post so much. Thank you (and thanks Calvin) for reminding me that He does know my next year.

tina said...

Awe . . . happy birthday, Neighbor Jane! Glad you had a good one! :)

Jill said...

The little figurines on the cheesecake are so cute! You guys are just the best!

michelle said...

Happy happy birthday! Glad your 50th was great.

I too love the little figures on your cake.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, happy birthday. Where did the month go? Happy happy happy.


Anonymous said...

Hope you had a very happy birthday, Jane! You are one great gal! Nothing like family to help you celebrate!
We are having a wonderful mission in Palmyra, but miss all of you in ML!
We enjoy keeping up with your family on your blog. Sending love, The Hunsakers

Kim Sue said...

amen...and happy birthday too!