Sunday, July 22, 2012

52 Blessings - Extrovert

Ray and I have had the discussion more than once on whether we are introverted or extroverted people. I have contended that I am an introvert and Ray has listened to that assertion, but with slightly raised eyebrows.

My definition of extrovert was one who looked forward to big parties and gatherings and thrived on the attention that comes from them, while I saw an introvert as someone who liked to feed her chickens and vacuum.

One day Ray shared the business definition of introvert and extrovert. He explained it as simply "from where do you draw your energy?" Do you become recharged after being around others, or are you revitalized after time alone.

I still thought I leaned toward the introvert team.

However, after our family gathering last week Ray said that he is sure and certain that I am an extrovert. He observed that I draw energy from being with my family. As evidence he noted that I even asked for a family toast, and while that's not completely correct, I did revel in them. (It was Sunday dinner. At Sunday dinner we have always discussed what we learned during church that day. I began the discussion by saying, "It's Sunday dinner and you know what that means. Grace, what did you learn in church today." Somebody [probably Ray] interjected, "How about we each give a toast to Janey Payney instead." Far be it from me to turn down such a thoughtful gift. And their words were thoughtful. Very kind and energizing.)

Ray was absolutely right, I do draw energy from my family. I guess I am an extrovert.

Last weekend while we were together, we had several family nights (besides all the activities) and after each one I did feel revitalized.

Michelle, Afton, Ty, me, Calvin, Cali, Ray, Ande, Grace

After church on Sunday we stopped by the cemetery. It was so calm as we sat there in the slight breeze and quietly visited. Calvin asked Ray to share his testimony of the gospel with us and it was one of those moments that you know is going to end, but you wished it would last longer.

Later that evening we had a regular family home evening where Calvin taught us a lesson, we did "parts," played games, and ate candy.

Calvin reading one of his favorite chapters of scripture to us and then telling us that he
knew of its truth

My favorite song is Pachabel's Canon in D.   Cali began piano lessons last
year and asked her teacher to help her learn that song so that she could play it for me
as a surprise birthday present.   It was such a special and sweet gift on so many levels.

"Parts" have always been included in our family nights and it's never too early to participate.
When the kids were little they turned somersaults. Here Afton rolls on cue as her part.

Levin, Calvin, Afton
Grace taught us a rhythm game for one of her parts.  Calvin thought babysitting was easier.

On Monday night, we had family night with Grace, Ty, Michelle, and Afton. We got Woody-burgers and ate them on the shore of the lake and then went out to frozen yogurt afterwards. Then we took caramel popcorn to a couple of neighbors and visited with them for a little while.

Grace and Michelle

Ray is so right, being with family is much more energizing and satisfying to me than vacuuming and I'm glad I know that for sure and certain now.

Anybody want some chickens?


Cali said...

I just loved reading this mom. Funny thing about it is that I have been thinking about myself as an introvert vs extrovert for the past month or so. I completely confused. I think I'm situational extrovert. I think you're wonderful and for the record... i suggested we toast you ;)


Jill said...

Interesting, I may be a situational extrovert as well. I am totally energized by people, but tend to favor time alone.

I love your family and always read your posts thinking how incredibly blessed your children's spouses are to have married into such an amazing family!!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Cali, Yes! It WAS you. I remember hearing Janey Payney from that end of the dinner table and so I associated it with Ray, but it was you! Thank you. I do love you. mom

Jill, Calvin and I are the lucky ones to have the kids' spouses join our family. They truly are incredible people and we recognize it as a great blessing.

Deidra said...

I'm impressed Cali started piano lessons. I fear I wasted my mom's money on those and I would hate to waste my own!

How fun to have more family time. And that it's energizing and such a blessing. Time in our family feels the same way, except when the small kids get overwhelming. I'm not used to hoards of them and get overwhelmed.

Kathy said...

You have a wonderful family. Who wouldn't be energized by being with them!

michelle said...

I remember feeling enlightened when I heard about that definition as well. I am squarely in the introvert camp. While I absolutely love spending time with my family, I feel drained when I've been around people continuously ( especially large groups of people) and energized after some quality alone time.

I love your family.

Unknown said...

Hi Jane,
I was wondering if you could email me Trevor's phone number or address. I have something I would like to send to him and his family. I recently lost my phone and all of my contacts. I would really appreciate it.

Marie said...

Jane! I've been away from the computer for a few weeks and can't believe I missed your birthday! And such a landmark one at that! It sounded wonderful. (who knew?)

Happy, happy 50th birthday!

Here is my birthday toast to you:

You inspire much, you uplift many, you share your love, time, and wisdom, and you shine with the love of Christ. May you have the same happiness brought to you as you so willingly bring to others. To Jane!

Kim Sue said...

hmmm...makes me really think about that introvert and extrovert thing.

Melinda said...

I think depending on what group of people I'm with depends on if I'm and extrovert or introvert. Unfortunately right now after being with my side of the family I'm so drained emotionally, Im definetly an introvert. Too many uncomfortable things being discussed and I just want it all over with and go home.

I love reading about your family, it is what I really pray and hope for for my own little family.

tina said...

As an HR Manager, I have extrovert capabilities. I get energized by planning activities, talking to folks and helping people. But, at home, I don't get energized by social situations, just like to stay low key and don't like sit on the edge of the crowd. It's a double life I lead! :)

tina said...

Oops, typo there - I DO like to sit on the edge of the crowd, not in the middle/center of attention.