Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Memories - Wagons Ho

We don’t have a boat, we don’t have a camper, we don’t even have a ping pong table anymore and Calvin and I worried (with some validity) through the years that our family would struggle from a lack of “wholesome family activities.”

We forgot to take into account that our family is easily entertained, and we have always lived on a gravel road where we can walk four abreast.

me (nine months pregnant with Ty) and wearing my favorite Nike shoes, Abe, and Cali 

Our first wagon was my sister's that we borrowed.  I tied a twine to the handle so it would be long enough to pull, put a blanket in the bottom for some semblance of a cushion, and when Cali was about a year old put her in it and went on walks.  We walked for miles.  When Abe joined the family I worried a bit about scrambling his little baby brain on those bumpy rides, but sanity comes at a cost and those walks provided it for the three of us so we rattled along anyway.  By the time Ty came along the little wagon was clear full and Cali, who was three by then, often opted to run along beside it rather than bend her knees.  When Ande joined us, it was no longer an option; Cali had to trot along and she did it happily.  

The five of us literally ran the wheels off that wagon. The rims of the black wheels stayed in tact, but the tread wore completely away. I was just glad it didn't happen until all four kids could walk. I don't know what my sister did with it once I quit "borrowing" it.

We still live on a gravel road that is good for walking. Levin is now too heavy to carry very far and Afton soon will be, so I've been on the lookout for a wagon. I found one at a flea market for $10 a couple of weeks ago.

me, Afton, Levin, Ty

Levin took it on the trial run.  I tied a twine to the handle to make it easier to pull, put a towel in the bottom, and gave Levin a few rocks to hold.  His little boy sounds soon vibrated into a vibrato and he began to sing.  Between the rocks and his voice he was one content little boy while the rest of us visited about this, that, and the other and the wagon rattled along behind us.  Later we added Afton.  Levin didn't like her quite as well as the rocks and tried to push her back out, but Afton is mature and doesn't take things like that personal so a wholesome activity it still can be.  


abe said...

I don't remember riding in the wagon at all. It's too bad, because it looks like I had a great time.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh ho, Abe. You DID have a great time, but I dumped you out the back one too many times I think. (Sometimes it would pop wheelies when I took off too fast and I'd dump the whole load of you.)

Please tell me it didn't scramble your brain.

Anonymous said...

What are you doing up so early?

You definitely didn't scramble my brain too bad, I don't think.

I love you.


Melinda said...

That picture is the best! I can't believe you were so far along with your third, you don't look it at all!

We loved wagon rides. We still have our wagon the kids have used, I can't get rid of it yet. The older kids will still pull the little ones around and I love to see it.

melanie said...

I wondered if they ever were dumped out. Nathan went flying a time or two or ten. No gravel roads for our wagon but I love the loud rattle as it races around the court.