Sunday, August 12, 2012

52 Blessings - An Active, Healthy Family (12 Pictures taken on the 11th and 12th of August 2012 )

This month we stretched the parameters again -- some were taken on Saturday, some on Sunday, and some not at all.  And, like the baker's dozen, there are more than twelve.

Abe - One of the government buildings adjacent to our compound caught on fire today. We ran over to help, but
the Afghan Fire Department arrived before we were able to do anything...who knew they had a fire department?

Abe - Some of the damage furniture pulled from the room. I only include this picture because it actually has me in
it (that's me in the bottom right corner).

Grace - After spending two weeks in Utah, I drove 585.5 miles from Utah to Colorado today.

Michelle - taking a nap in one of many spots today. 

Ty - typing an email to Abe

Afton - helping us change her diaper

Calvin - Changing the lawn and pasture sprinklers 

Calvin - "Have I ever told you why I hate the sprinklers?"
Jane, misrepresenting the truth, "No tell me."  

Calvin - "This is why."

Jane - Eldon grows beautiful gladiolas and he brought us a bouquet Sunday night

Ande - Sad day.  The last of the otter pops...

Cali - Levin and I at Something-With-An-Indian-Name Falls.  It wasn't as climactic for him as it was for me.
He fell asleep.  I don't think he needs to ride an elephant or camel anytime soon... I'm a good substitute.
Ray carried him half the time as well.

Ray and Levin - Ray watching Levin climb on the rubble.  Levin had an Aron Ralston experience where
arm amputation seemed like our only solution.  Luckily, Levin decided to drop the rock in his hand,
allowing his arm to fit out of the hole, and amputation was avoided.

Joe - Ande made us a nice healthy vegetarian dinner. It tastes good,
but I promptly added onions fried in some butter and sausage.
You can see the two side by side. 


Melinda said...

I have always wondered what those flowers are called, I love them!

We ran out of Popsicles and the kids are sad I'm not buying anymore this season.

michelle said...

Who knew about the Afghan fire department indeed?

Cali said...

I'm not sure I've seen anything cuter than a little girl holding her dress up for diaper changes... Levin does come in close as he's learned to grap his legs and hold them up for diaper changes... but then you realize he delivers a powerful kick with those legs that are pulled back for increased power.

melanie said...

Cali's comment made me laugh. So did the sprinklers. Sorry Calvin.

Lucy said...

You really get a sense of your family with these posts. I'm glad those Afghan people can put out fires!! And I love it when my kids figure out how to aide in their own diaper change. Eventually, all I have to do is call out, "Bum up! Bum down! Spread 'em!" and we get the job done together:)