Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Homemaking Tip - A La Mode

Ande and Joe did the chores while Calvin and I were gone last week.  When we came home Ande had a fresh baked, raspberry pie cooling on the cupboard.

Ande's recipe

She also had the bowl of the ice cream freezer frozen and ready to go

$5.99 Goodwill find

so that we could add this 

This is great stuff available at Cash & Carry and Costco.
It makes homemade ice cream easy and good.

and have raspberry pie a la mode. 

It was as good as it sounds.  


Anonymous said...

We bought some of that ice cream mix the other day at cash and carry, my favorite store, but we haven't tried it yet.

That pie does sound D-lish!!!

Barb said...

I haven't seen that ice cream product before. (But first I guess I'll have to scout out icecream machines at good will!)

Deidra said...

That ice cream mix is genius. I might have to find room in the freezer for our ice cream maker bowl and hunt some down. Yum!

melanie said...

Could that really be a Goodwill find from the one in your town?? I'm thinking Seattle near one of your girls. If not, I'm impressed.

I'll have to try that mix. Pie a la mode is my favorite.

Jenny Fortner said...

Do you have any more details from Ande's recipe, for the Raspberry Pie Filling? Filling made on the stove top? What kind of pie crust? Bake time?

Sounds so yummy!

Melinda said...

I really need to make more pies, my family would really love me if I did. I have that ice cream maker, actually 2 of them to feed our family and I LOVE them!! We never buy ice cream any more.

I'm going to surprise my family and make them this very pie.

michelle said...

Are you serious?! I cannot believe you found that ice cream machine at Goodwill! I've been wanting that one for ages but couldn't justify the cost.

I have a raspberry pie recipe that I love and it has a super-easy crumb crust. I forgot about that, I should really make one! Never heard of that ice cream mix. You are full of handy tips and good ideas!

Anonymous said...

I found a perfect Bosch mixer with blender for $8 at the Senior Thrift Store last week! Love those bargains!!-----Brenda