Friday, August 24, 2012

Life in Our World - Very Fine

Levin will tell you all about life in our world this week:


Dear Dad and Mom,
I have had a very good day.  I am doing very fine.  I laughed lots and lots and I ran away from Grandma whenever she came to get me.  Especially in the garden.  I hid behind the dill and peppers and found a little green tomato all on my own but she told me I had to spit it out. 
She also twirled me around and around in the computer chair.  We both laughed, but we got very dizzy and we couldn’t walk for a little while.  We decided maybe we should only play that game once.
Grandma let me sit on the kitchen floor and eat my food off the stool.  I like that, especially the graham crackers. 
Grandma took me outside bare naked today.  She thought it might help my rash.  I loved it.  I almost got inflammation from the squash and the bean leaves, but at least my old rash didn’t itch.  It felt very good to air out.
I played in the hose again.  It makes me very cold but I still love it.  

I learned how to stick my thumb in the end and spray everyone and everything.  It makes them laugh.  I do it over and over and over until I get cold and then Grandma makes me get in a tub of warm water.

I took one long nap this morning, but then I wasn’t tired this afternoon.  Grandma told me it was okay if I got up after an hour.  Tonight though, I was very tired.  She said I could go to bed at 6:15.  I was happy to.  She woke me up at 7:30 to feed me again but I told her, “Remember I don’t like mashed potatoes with the peels still on” so she gave me a bottle and then I went back to bed.  I was very, very glad.  I get tired playing here.
Aunt Ande came today.  I squealed and jumped.  I love her and want to go everywhere with her.  I also like that Chewie keeps Dan busy so he doesn’t follow me everywhere.  I think I can say “dog” now.  At least every time Dan barks I run to the window and say “Da.”  Grandma says close enough.
We went on a walk.  I rode in the wagon again.  I never get tired of it.  Ever.  Grandma says me riding in the wagon reminds her of that old ride at Lagoon that clatters and rattles and shakes your brains.  She says it will make me even smarter.  I believe her.
Grandpa started the lawn mower tonight and said I could go with him but it scared me so I went back in the house with Grandma and Aunt Ande.
I am being a very, very, very good boy. 
I like chocolate chips.  I like mixers.

I love you.  I miss you.  This morning I cried for a little while when I woke up because I missed you and wished I could see you.
Have fun. 



Dear Dad and Mom,

I am doing very fine.  We had another good day.  I ate a whole bottle of applesauce in two days.    
I think I know what kind of car we should get next.  A station-wagon.  I never get tired of riding in the wagon. 

Speaking of red, Grandma puts me in a big red shirt in the mornings. 

First she puts it in the dryer to get it warm so I can drink my bottle and not get goosebumps.  I wear it on our walks, too.  Grandma says it’s so the rust in the wagon won’t ruin my whitie-tighties.
Aunt Ande and Grandma and I went to town.  I practiced drinking out of a straw.  I’m good at it now.  Did I use to be good at it?  They still won’t give me pop.  Aunt Ande says it will burn my mouth.
I pet the bug in Grandpa’s mustache tonight.

The first time the bug barked I jumped, but then I made a fist and pounded it.  Maybe I killed it.  It never barked again.  But maybe Grandpa just swallowed it when he was laughing.  All that I know is I am braver than the bug.

Grandpa was going to share his chocolate ice cream with me tonight.  He promised.  I got too tired and fell asleep.  Did I tell you how tired I get from playing in the dirt and sun?  Very tired.

I miss you both.  Every night when I go to bed I giggle lots and lots just like when Dad puts me to bed.  It makes Grandma laugh.  She even laughs during my prayers.  I am pretty funny.

I love you.



Dear Dad and Mom,

Grandma says that you are missing me.  Please don’t.  Remember I still poop my pants sometimes.  I will still be one when you come home.

I guess it would be okay if you missed me a little bit because I did sleep for 13 hours straight last night.

Grandpa and Grandpa didn’t exercise this morning.  Grandma told Grandpa she can either keep up with me or Shaun T. but not both. 

I fell out of the wagon two times this morning.  One time it was my fault because I was trying to touch the dirt as Grandma and Aunt Ande walked and I fell out on the sandy part of the road.  The other time Dan and Chewie got excited and knocked the wagon over.  I cried.  But just enough so that Aunt Ande and Grandma would stop and hug me for a little while then I got back in the wagon and started throwing rocks at the road.

By the way, I really like Dan and Chewie.  Today Chewie followed me all over while I was walking in the grass.  Grandma said something about good dog Carl.  They both lick my face and I laugh and then when I get tired of it I punch them in the nose and they leave me alone for a little bit.  I like dogs.  Remember I can say dog now.

Oh.  I say, “Hot” too.  Grandma said I can’t sit on the cupboard and help her cook supper unless I know what hot is so I learned it fast.  I say, “Hot” when I’m by the stove and start to blow.  Grandma says it’s funny, but then she thinks lots of things I do are funny.  Today when I played outside the house was hot.  I touched it and said “hot” and then touched it again.  I guess I’m getting smart and funny. 

Aunt Ande said to be sure and tell you that I say “Ande” sometimes.  She's right.  I do when I want to make her happy.  Maybe I should work on “Ray” and “Cali” next.

I am still being a very, very good boy.  Grandma says I am independent.  She says she bets that someday I hang a sign on my bedroom door that says, "Mom for Sale, I don't want her anymore" just like Mom did.  She also says I am very curious like Dad, and that it wasn't curiosity that killed the cat but selfishness and conceit.  Grandma says lots of things, but I think what she means is that she likes me being curious and independent and that you will know just what to do with me someday, so I am trying real hard to be like you both.

I love you.  I am doing very fine.


As you can see, life in our world is very fine.

(P.S.  Today is the last day to vote on the poems.  Thank you for making this fun for our family.)


Anita said...

Oh my word, Jane, he is the cutest little guy and I just love the letters Levin wrote to his mom and dad! You're a wonderful grandma!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet!

michelle said...

I think your home and property must be the very best place to be a visiting grandchild! (and I wish you could wear Eva out like that. Sigh.)

melanie said...

Levin, What a fun, smart grandma you have! Make sure and show your mom and dad how much you missed them by sleeping 13 hrs again. That's a true welcome home present.

Melinda said...

These pictures of Levin are so darn cute. I agree with Michelle, you must have the best place ever to visit. I know my kids would be in absolute heaven. If only they could have a grandma like you...

Michelle said...

Hahaha what a cute kid. Those pictures of him playing with the hose are PRICELESS!

Marie said...

Oh the pictures with the hose were almost too much. So adorable! Glad you're having so much fun, Levin.

Becky said...

That is one of the cutest baby boys I've ever seen (and I've had three of my own)! :)

The pictures are darling and I concur with Michelle's comment.

The way you had Levin write to Ray & Cali is adorable. What a wonderful grandma you are!

Ande said...

That was such a fun week! I'm so glad Levin documented it for us. What a good grandma.

Nikki said...

These are so awesome. It makes me want to go snuggle up next to my three toddlers.