Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday Thinking –Morale Boost

 Melancholy.  Nostalgic.  Wistful.  That’s what I get this time of year.  It makes perfect sense why, but not enough sense that I can cure it once and for all.

It was a huge boost of morale when Ande decided to come for the week while Joe is traveling, and Cali and Ray asked if Levin could come for the week while they are on a business trip.  There has been nothing on our agenda but to rest and enjoy life and each other which is a good poultice for melancholy.

Here are two YouTube “Boost of Morale” videos I have enjoyed. 

The first one was made by a West Point buddy of Abe’s.  It has made me laugh more than once, I could learn a thing or two from them.  If anybody has got to be feeling a bit wistful, it’s got to be those soldiers sweating it out away from their families.  

The second one was made by Michelle’s friends (her brother is in it as well) in Colorado.  It was filmed to be shown at girls’ camp.  If I understand it right, they didn’t film it until all the girls had left for camp so that it would be a complete surprise.  How can those girls not feel a huge morale boost from those boys singing over and over to them that they are beautiful just like they are?


Alisa said...

Perfect for a Friday. I have a 15 year old daughter ready to move!
What a great start to the weekend.

michelle said...

Fabulous. I love thinking of the servicemen having a little fun over there, and the young women getting such a fun surprise! It's just fun to watch people who are obviously having fun.

melanie said...

Michelle said it perfectly, it's fun to see others so happy and having fun. I had to many favorite spots in both videos. A definite morale booster at 1130pm on a Friday night. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Abe, I just saw it. I loved when they were a band on storage units and had groupies. I loved the ukulele and the drums... So funny. Thanks for sending this on.

On another note, I loved the girls camp video Dallin was in. I know those girls just SWOOOOOONED. Those boys just became the recipients of 300 crushes.


Jill said...

These videos were so fun to watch!

Becky said...

Great videos! That last one just might get copied in Arizona sometime :)