Sunday, September 9, 2012

52 Blessings – Translators

Calvin and I were asked to attend church in the Spanish Branch for a few years.  Today was our second Sunday attending there.  Neither one of us speak Spanish, yet, so we listen to a translator through headphones.  We have really enjoyed going, and I appreciate that a translator is willing to make it so that I can understand more than three words a meeting.

Today one speaker seemed to get ahead of the translator and the translator couldn’t catch up.  Finally he muttered something.  I thought he said, “Oh man. ” Calvin thought he said, “Oh damn.”  Either way it was funny enough we both laughed when everyone else knew to be reverent.   

Sometimes we should not sit together.

picture taken at a wedding last night
courtesy of Nicole


michelle said...

Hilarious. That's really something to attend church when you don't understand the language. Reminds me of my kids going to church in France.

Melinda said...

That is really funny!

I don't know how I would feel if I were asked to attend a different ward especially if I didn't understand the language. Jason would be fine, he served his mission in Colombia.

I'm glad your enjoying it!

Julie said...

I always appreciated our translators in Norway. What a hard job! I love how Calvin thought he swore. :) I know if I had to translate there would be lots of silence. One time our translator said, "that was a joke, I'm not sure how to translate it...just laugh" We did because it was so funny he would say that! We had one woman who would close her eyes while listening and speaking and her translation was perfect! Another man was a heavy breather into the microphone. I always had a headache after his translations. We miss you in our ward! You should come to the Thursday night ho-down dinner at our house this week! 6:30!

Deidra said...

It makes me think of going to church in Paris. Those elders tried, but it was tough to keep up. And hard to follow along. Thank goodness the Spirit isn't constrained by language barriers.

The Spanish branch is lucky to have you. My sister and her family served in theirs for a couple of years (only her husband spoke Spanish), but she was sad to leave it when they were done... I think it had something to do with all the good food at branch parties!

Ande said...

I love that picture. And you.

Amie said...

So funny! What an interesting calling...

Becky said...

You two are too adorable :)

I'm trying hard to learn Spanish but it is slow going. We have four Spanish wards in our stake (out of 11 units total) so I want to be able to converse on some level with that half of our stake. Jeff is pretty sure we are the only stake in the U.S. with that many Spanish units which is kinda neat (and also makes for some logistical difficulties).

melanie said...

I second the good food at their ward parties. Carne asada, rice, beans, tortillas. Oh it's the best. I miss those parties. I have a good story, remind me to tell you about combining ward parties once. So funny.

The branch will definitely grow in strength while you and Calvin serve with them. They are blessed.

Lucy said...

Funny. jay has done a lot of translating at stake conferences and it can be really hard to keep up with some speakers, especially if they are reading and talk fast. I wonder if he has ever muttered, "Oh man." (I'm sure that was it;-)) I know he has apologized and said, "this is a summary. Sorry!"

Lucky spanish branch to get you two!

Moore Family said...

We are also attending our Spanish Branch, and only my husband is fluent. Are you planning to learn? I am working, slowly, on it. I am using this MIT opencourseware class, and it's been fun and interesting:

And the videos at:

My vocabulary is coming along, but my speed is not. Everyone says that only comes with time.

Did you know this weekend (Sunday, I think) is Mexican Independence Day? We are having a big traditional Mexican dinner tomorrow night to mark it. Can't wait!