Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Memories - Looking Back

Dear Kids, 

We had a great time at the Ellensburg Rodeo on Labor Day. The Ellensburg Rodeo has a huge purse so it attracts big names. There were some great runs.

I think my favorite was seeing Clay O’Brien Cooper. He’s the littlest boy on The Cowboys. Remember when he asks John Wayne if he can go on the cattle drive and John Wayne draws a line on the chalkboard about an inch taller than Clay O'Brien Cooper and says anyone that tall can go?  But, after John Wayne leaves the kids remember the chalkboard is set on books so the big boys lift it off the books and, lo and behold the littlest cowboy is big enough. 

 Here he is on John Wayne's left:

Clay O'Brien Cooper is about my age and he and his heeler took first place.  There were two barrel racers that were both 53 years old. One “got divorced, got a Harley, and started barrel racing” and the other one had a terrible summer two years ago where she lost her 21 year old son in a car accident, and a few weeks later had an accident on a horse and ended up in a wheel chair. The woman with the terrible summer won the barrel racing.

Your dad had made some jerky so Levin gnawed on it,

photo courtesy of Joe

while Joe got the rest of us curly fries.

After the rodeo we ate corn dogs (except Joe, he had a gyro).

photo courtesy of Joe

We walked through the animal barns and while I was busy looking at the animals, sale prices, and the decorations, Cali was observing the sub-culture in the tack rooms. I had forgotten all about that, even though tack-room culture is older than me.  Cali said, “Don’t you remember what it's like in there?  You’re young, on your own --well, at least your parents aren't there sitting with you -- and you’re flirting with the others. It’s just this whole other world”  and then she mimicked acting cool.  The minute she described it I remembered it all.  No exaggeration, fair week was second only to Christmas and always better than birthdays.

As we entered the pig and sheep barns Cali pointed out how the sub-culture of  those tack rooms is completely different from that in the steer barn.  She was so right! It was funny to see and hear her memories and remember my own. 

We also went to the Youth and Home Arts building. I didn't know they had a youth Lego section now full of kids creations, but whoever thought of that thought of a good idea.  There were dozens and dozens of entries.

Cali, Ande, and I all watched this little boy looking at the Lego builds.  At different times each came up to me and whispered, "Ohhhh, isn't he sweet?  Doesn't he remind you of Abe and Ty when they were little?” 

He was and he did.

He just quietly looked and coveted, completely oblivious to the happy memories he reminded us of. 
This was one entry in the pie display at the Home Arts building.

It had seen fresher days.

We had a great time and as for me and my house, we’re going to make the Ellensburg Rodeo a tradition.

I love you.



michelle said...

I love the observations about the different subcultures! Ew on that pie!

Deidra said...

Levin in Carhartt overalls? Too cute.

When we walked through the fair (it was so hot and humid, it was miserable), I mused to Chris about decorating stalls. Our club always went all out and our steer stalls were dressed to the nines. I think it was all my mom. I particularly love seeing all the names kids come up with for their animals!