Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday Tried It - No Surprise

I get teased, rightly so, by our group when we go scrapbooking because I emboss a lot of cards. While the other women are crafting, punching, stitching, folding, and gluing darling and detailed cards, I'm spitting mine out like a factory.

My fellow scrapbookers will not be surprised that I pinned this idea from Pinterest:

Embossed gift sacks!

And while I don't have a good picture of my first sack, he turned out really cute.  I embossed the top of the sack, glued a piece of cardstock to the bottom, and added a folded pumpkin.  

I have plans to fill the sacks with 

fall candy
homemade caramels and a fresh apple
mini pumpkin or apple muffins
caramel popcorn
penny candy

This first sack had a birthday present (perfume and truffles) in it though.  My friend Melanie's birthday was today so we celebrated at Olive Garden (and with another poor quality picture), but it wasn't near the celebration she's been doing with her kids.  Her birthday idea is a pin as well.   

Embossed sacks is a great pin.  I'm sure they'll be in more blog posts with more designs, remember Calvin says I can run a good idea into the ground like no other.


Melinda said...

Calvins comment it hilarious! That is exactly what I think I do with things.

That is such a great picture of you and Melanie! I hope you had a great time together for her bday.

michelle said...

Darling! Cute pic with Melanie, too.

melanie said...

Yesterday was so great. Thank you, thank you.

I'm much rather pump out the cards like a factory. I want to see results, not details (though they are cute too).

melanie said...

Oh I forgot, your photo is leaps and bounds above mine. No lie.

Cali said...

Oh mom. That sack is so cute. I love the picture of you and Melanie as well. Thank you for posting.