Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October Photo Challenge - Noontime

Well this is a pathetic photograph if ever I've seen one.  It's our clock on the mantle.  Today's challenge was to photograph noon time.  My noon time passed by very uneventfully: I was sitting here on the couch, looking at the clock, and working on an assignment.  Here's a snippet from that assignment:

One time when we were on a long flight I whispered to Calvin and the kids, “I wish the stewardess would go around the plane and ask everybody where they’re from and where they’re going. It would make the time go much faster and it would be really interesting to hear about everyone.”

That was one thought that should have stayed in my head, because ten years later the kids still tease me about it. Ty said, “And let me guess, if you were the stewardess you would also ask each person which fruit best represents them and why, wouldn’t you?”

Well, as a matter of fact, that question is a great sentence starter and these are questions that I would ask if I were a stewardess trying to keep bored passengers happy with only one teeny bag of pretzels. I have shared my answers with you, and I'll bet you already know I'd love to hear your answers.

1. The vegetable that best represents me is a _________because_________.

A winter squash. They’re hearty. They’re meaty. They’re fairly bland, but with the right kind of help they can be turned into something pretty amazing—like a pie. I’m pretty resilient and when I’m around good people I’m quickly made much better than I was by myself.

2. The building that best describes me is a _________because__________.

A log cabin. They’re plain and simple and inviting.

3. Wind makes me feel _________.

Homesick for Idaho. The wind always blows in southern Idaho and each of our homes had windows that sang with the wind. I also love the wind because it blows all of your troubles away and brings you new ones.

4. When I am with my family I am most like the animal _________.

Dog. Definitely dog. I am loyal. I am friendly. I will gladly fetch if it makes my family happy.

5. When I think of black, I think of _________.

Nasty or licorice, even though they aren’t related.

6. When I daydream I usually think about _________.

This has become a lost art for me. I am usually thinking about reality and what is coming up next. I will have to work on this one.

7. The smallest thing I know is _________.

A selfish person. They just wrap themselves up into one neat little package with their worry beads.

8. The biggest thing I know is _________.

Generosity. It truly has no bounds.

9. The scariest thing is _________.

Being put in prison innocently, or the ocean at night or imagining falling into the deepest part of the ocean at night where there are no lights or buoys and only things that nibble and bite and wrap their tentacles around you.

10. I feel sad when _________.

I overlook someone.

Please feel free to answer any or all.


Kings said...

When I daydream I think about traveling, mostly about going to Hawaii with my family. Sitting on the beach, going to the PCC, pearl harbor, eating all the yummy food again and being around easy going people. Spencer has never been and I really want to go back with him.
It was nice to see you too at the deli! I wanted to stay and chat, but I had to hurry. I was already running late. I blame the baby department for having such cute things to look at.

melanie said...

I love and agree with all your answers.

1- a pumpkin. They take all summer to grow but show up ready for the party when fall arrives. I'm like that too. I'm a slow learner and late developer. But I continue on slowly, don't give up and I do love a party. Plus I have a funny body shape and pumpkins are rarely uniform.

3- wind makes me feel scattered, I don't like messy hair.

4- I would have to say dog too. Well if there is such a dog as one that is moody, protective and loyal. Then that's the kind I am.

5- my wardrobe. I over use the idea that black is slimming.

6- the future. Crossing a bridge before I get there. Not entirely productive.

7 & 8- I like your answers and I'm nodding in agreement. (plus I can't think of any thing else now that those thoughts are in my mind)

9- The dark night in the country. That is not a tranquil place for me. I like sidewalks and street lights unless someone is walking very close to me.

10- when innocent people are hurt.

(was answering all 10 overkill?)

Melinda said...

Super fun to read.