Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October Photo Challenge - What Happened Today

Tonight for Young Women's we made salsa.  Those girls diced and chopped and cried (the onions were pretty darn hot) and laughed and talked non-stop.  They were the best.  The Young Men have spent the last two weeks gleaning onions and potatoes out in the fields.  Tonight ward members came to the church and the boys loaded the produce into their cars.  Then the boys came in and sampled the girls' salsa.    

And then . . . I hurried home so I could watch a delayed broadcast of the presidential debate.  


Nicole said...

What a fun YW activity! Tonight we played Bigger and Better and you wouldn't believe it someone gave us 2 old school desks. So, cute! I think we totally got better on that deal.

Cali said...

I love that picture. I could only love it more if you were in there. Mom, you are a great woman.


abe said...

How did the salsa taste? I would kill to eat some good salsa.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Abe, I fully realized those girls could have taught me a thing or two about good salsa, but since it was my assignment we forged ahead. After they'd finished making it I said, "Ok, sample it and tell us what it needs," and they all said, "More salt! More salt!" so they added more. (The cry for more salt doesn't surprise you, does it?)

Your dad and Brent came in to sample it (the big chips were far gone by then) and showed them how to eat it out of a cup with a spoon and crumpled chips. So after they were through dipping, they ate it like soup.

It's pretty hard to tell whether or not it was great when you're feeding hungry people, but they were all awfully proud of their jars and said they loved it. (I didn't try it because I'd just eaten a whole bunch before I'd left home.)

Cali, you write such supportive comments. Thank you. Thank you.

Nicole, Bigger and Better sounds like a great time! What will you do with the desks?

michelle said...

I'm impressed that they would cut onions without complaint. I can't do too many before I can't see at all.

Puhlman said...

OOHHH YUM I love me some good homemade salsa. Oh...and what did you think of the debate? I LOVED it. Go ROMNEY.

Deidra said...

I love that before I even scrolled down too far I knew it was a church kitchen. They all look the same! :)

Freshly harvested potatoes. Yum. What a cool service project for the boys to do. And yum to salsa!

Kim Sue said...

Yum. Love homemade salsa.