Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Homemaking Tip - Leftovers

Calvin liked the cookies.

He really liked them even though I over-cooked one batch and under-cooked another.

Today was a day for leftovers.

It wasn't planned, it just worked out that way.

Leftover One:

For supper we had homemade TV dinners.
chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy
We had this for supper a month ago and I put the leftovers in foil pans in the freezer for a night like tonight.
I baked them for an hour or so at 350 degrees.

Leftover Two:

Tonight I needed a dessert for Young Women's.

There was leftover ice cream in the freezer from Thanksgiving.

There was leftover caramel in the fridge from the scrapbook retreat in October.

There were over-done and under-done cookies from yesterday.

I put them all together.

People asked me for the recipe.

The crust is cookie flops ground up in the food processor and spread into a pan.

Drizzle 1 cup of caramel sauce over the crust.

Scoop softened ice cream over cookie crust.

Drizzle more caramel over the ice cream.

Sprinkle with cookie crumbs.

Pick out the red and yellow M&M's from your leftover Thanksgiving candy and add them as garnish.

Serve on leftover plates that have a turkey in the center of them.

Leftover three:

Kent taught us how to crochet beanies tonight using some of his grandmother's leftover yarn.

I have hopes of making little beanies.

Leftover four:

I have nothing left over.

I have hit the wall.

Good night.


Melinda said...

Wow! That dessert sounds really good! Right up my families alley. I bet they would like your creation better than the cookies!

Nikki said...

What an amazing post you made out of leftovers! And that recipe is stunning!

Cali said...

What a funny post. That's the neighbor Jane I know... making something from nothing and sharing. I love you mom.

melanie said...

Leftovers a month later sound much better than the next night. I should try that some time, the kids will thank you for this one!

Kathy said...

I need to make TV dinners out of the big meal we had last night. Thanks for the tip. I enjoyed this post!