Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Tried It

After we finished exercising this morning Calvin asked if I would put his almost-empty jug of water back in the fridge.  I carried it to the sink and began filling it up when he entered the kitchen.   He groaned and said, “Jane, I wanted a drink of it while it was still cold that’s why I asked you to put it back in the fridge.  Didn’t you know?”  Indeed I did not.  He replied, “I’m surprised you still can’t read my mind after 30 years.”

A little later I said, “Calvin would it bother you if I didn’t set up the Christmas tree this year?”  I knew what his answer would be, for while I may have missed the reading on the water jug, I know he hates setting up the tree and he hasn’t put an ornament on one in 30 years.  Though my question was a no-brainer, I thought I’d still be considerate and ask.    

He paused and then said, “Why wouldn’t you set it up?” with an emphasis on the wouldn't.

I said, “Well, I know it’s not that important to you (and thought to myself, 'none of the kids will be home in December'), but I just wanted to make sure it’s okay with you if I don’t set it up.”

He didn’t answer for a bit and then said slowly, “Is this a trick question?”

“Huh-uh.  Nope.  Just checking."

He didn’t answer, but talked of other things.

After five minutes I said, “Hey Calvin, you never answered about the Christmas tree.”

He solemnly said, “It doesn’t deserve an answer.  I never answer dumb questions.”

Well I’ll be.  I could have sworn his brain didn't care about us having a Christmas tree right after it said he likes a full jug of water in the fridge instead of an empty one.  I never knew a Christmas tree was important to him.

So here’s a brain teaser.  Will he like this cookie?   Calvin doesn’t really like chocolate chip cookies, but he does love nuts and coconut and butter.  This Pinterest recipe has all four.  Will the nuts, butter, and coconut sway his thinking?  Clearly, my brain doesn’t always get a perfect reading of his.  What do you think?

click on the picture for the link

(My unprofessional opinion of the cookie:  I substituted almonds for the pecans, but other than that [and the baking time] followed the directions.  Toasting the nuts and coconut first is a nice flavor.  It is wonderful tasting dough and a great tasting cookie, but it isn't the prettiest cookie.  I can see why she took a picture of only three on a pretty plate.)


Puhlman said...


Maybe he would like this idea of a Christmas tree. Caleb worked almost two hours getting this tree trimmed and in the stand. He still wants to get shot gun shell casings and string the lights through them. Kids will remember it forever. I sure love your blog. I have missed your updates. You must be awfully busy. OH and I passed my government/constitution class. YEAH

Melinda said...

I love to read about your conversations! It makes me laugh and feel better. Why don't guys make a fuss over the tree? I often tell Jason and Blake (because now he has started.) that they are such bahumbugs! Jason usually snaps out of it around a week before Christmas but still.

The cookies look really good. We love chocolate chip around here and I haven't made them in a while. Hmm.

Deidra said...

This gives me hope that all is not lost. We've been married seven years and haven't quite gotten the mind reading down yet. I won't hope for it to come in the future, either! :)

I'm pretty sure I'd like those cookies. Are there cookies people don't like? I mean, I have some I prefer more than others, but I haven't met one I don't like.

Cali said...

I think your best bet with dad is to ALWAYS do the opposite of what you are wanting to do... Except when you shouldn't. 😉 Hope that helps.

melanie said...

Did you really not care if a tree didn't go up this year? This post made me laugh. Mind reading would be helpful, wouldn't it?

Ande said...

YOU WEREN'T GOING TO PUT UP THE CHRISTMAS TREE?!?! I just assumed you already had to go with your Christmas music.

Knock me down with some tinsel.