Friday, December 14, 2012

They Knew It

Recently I bought a book that I had heard three people say was a good, happy, enjoyable read.  I don't usually buy books, I wait for them to come in at the library or borrow them, but the words of the three convinced me it was worth buying.  They were right.

So it is with anything.  When three trusted people say the same thing it is much easier to believe that what they say is true.  A few years ago I sat on a jury.  It was a he-said-she-said case . . . until the witnesses began their testimonies.  Soon it was clear that he did do what he said he did and she didn't do what she said she did.  The law of witnesses exposed the truth.

The scriptures are full of witnesses who testify of the divinity of Jesus Christ.  Some were eyewitnesses and some were not.  Many of those who saw Him knew it from the beginning and continued to testify of Him until their death.  In the scriptural references below are the testimonies of those who were here at the time of the Savior.  Excepting Joseph and the wise men, their recorded words declare the Savior's divinity.  In the case of Joseph and the wise men, their actions speak for them.  They also knew that Jesus was the Son of God and Redeemer of the World.

Here are the King James Version references to those recorded testimonies:
(There are also Bible videos that depict several of these scriptures.  For personal study [and even teaching these to others] I especially appreciated reading the recorded testimony and then watching the corresponding video.  For the videos, go HERE and scroll through them [clicking show more again and again] until you find the ones you're looking for. )


1:42-45     Elizabeth
1:46-55     Mary
1:67-79     Zachariah
2:10-14     Angel
2:20          Shepherds
2:28-35     Simeon
2:37-38     Anna
3:4-6         John, the Baptist
3:22          Heavenly Father


2:13-23     Joseph
2:1-12       Wise men

I especially love what these witnesses did with their testimonies.  It wasn't enough to know, they shared them so that others could know as well.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God, our Savior and Redeemer.  I know it.  May I always live so that others may know it as well. 


Ande said...

I love this and the earlier post's programs. I really appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge and what you believe. It is one of your best talents, did you know that?

Kristin said...

Thank you!

Melinda said...

So great, thanks!!

Alyssa Tucker said...

Thank you for posting these videos. I love this Christmas season!