Friday, December 14, 2012

Saved by a Newborn Infant

Several years ago I read a true story called, “Saved by a Newborn Infant.” It told of a Christian missionary couple and their five small children who were serving in the mountains and jungles of Africa. They lived in a beautiful, yet primitive area and were crowded into a tiny shack. Not long after they had been there, the mother discovered she was going to have another baby. Having children in Africa was hard with the poor food, threat of sickness and infection, contaminated water and lack of educational opportunities. The mother was resentful and said it did not seem fair that God was sending them another child when they already had so many small children and were trying to help the natives. She blamed God and wished He would take the baby from her.

But He didn’t and the time for the birth of the baby arrived and the mother, being weak and in poor health, knew she needed a doctor’s care. But there were none nearby and the couple had no one to leave their other five children with, so the father loaded the family into a car and drove them into a town where there was a good mission hospital. The family stayed there until after the baby was born.

The mother said, “When we returned to our house with the new baby we learned that in the short days we had been gone the dreaded Mau Mau had come. They had murdered every white person in the entire area. Had we been home we would have all been killed. This little darling was sent by God to save all our lives. Never again shall I rebel against His ways for our lives.”

“This little darling was sent by God to save all our lives” could easily have been thought by the shepherds, Mary, Joseph, Simeon, the wise men from the East, Anna -- whoever saw the infant Jesus and recognized Him. As we look on our nativities, hear the songs of the season, read the account of the Savior’s birth in Luke, and begin our countdown ‘till Christmas we humbly remember that we too were “Saved by a Newborn Infant.”

Here’s a short nativity program to use with your family, friends, or Sunday school class.  Our family has used it many times and though only a few in our family are blessed with rich voices, we all enjoy singing the familiar songs and it doesn’t affect the quality one bit.

Sing the first two verses of “Oh Come, All Ye Faithful”

·         Read Matthew 1: 18-23

·         Sing the third verse of “Oh Come, All Ye Faithful”

·         Read Luke 2:1-7

·         Sing one verse of “O Little Town of Bethlehem”

·         Read Luke 2:8-14

·         Sing the first two verses of “Far, Far Away on Judea’s Plains”* or “The First Noel”

·         Read Luke 2:15-20

·         Sing both verses of “Hark! The Herald Angels sing”

·         Read:  The Wise Men did not come the night Jesus was born as the shepherds did.  They saw the star in the East and traveled far to see him.  They arrived in Palestine from the East sometime later, perhaps even months later.  There is no account that tells us just how many Wise Men came to worship the Savior.  There may have been three; there may have been seven; there may have been ten.  But how many came is not so important.  What is important is that they were wise men who came to present their gifts and worship the Savior.  They taught us that wise men still seek Him.

·         Sing the first two verses of “With Wondering Awe”* or “We Three Kings”

·         Read Matthew 2:1-11

·         Sing the first two verses of “Joy to the World”

·         Ask the family to each share three reasons they are grateful for the Savior.

·         Sing all the verses of “Silent Night”

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