Thursday, December 13, 2012

Twelve, or Thirteen, or Fourteen on Twelve on Twelve

Ande - Today has been crafts, citrus, controller, and Christmas.




Ty -  Sorry the picture is so bad.  I was on my way to meet Joe.  Unfortunately
my phone died before I met Joe so no picture with him.

Michelle - At the diner where I worked before Ty and I got married.
Afton and I are with Melissa (my old manager) and Connie who I met for brunch.
We laughed about how we are like oil and water, but we stuck together because our coworkers were crazy.

Michelle - activity in which I spent a lot of time today.  School.  Almost done with the semester!

Afton - Crawling with the Little People.

Afton - Grandpa Brian entertaining me.

Calvin - Young Men's and Young Women's
See the woman standing next to Calvin?  Her name is Nesha.
We discovered when we moved here that she and Calvin are fairly close cousins.
She also co-owns a candy business.  Last night she taught the young women
how to make fudge the old fashioned way without powdered sugar OR marshmallows.
That long brown thing in L.'s arm on the front row is a log of fudge.
Calvin made fire beans for the young men and they ate those down in their man cave and played games.  
(I do love churches and gymnasiums but for the life of me can't get a decent picture in either.)

Jane - I've got two dozen decorated Christmas trees in the orchard with red and yellow dangling bulbs.
Easiest tree trimming I've ever done and it looks so natural.

Grace - Out for a walk in her new coat

Abe - On a walk with Grace and enjoying being back in Colorado

Joe's picture will go here.

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Melinda said...

I love how you have pictures from the whole family.

And speaking of family! I am so so very happy for you and our whole family that you are all back together!
Your weekend together looks positively wonderful!