Friday, March 15, 2013

Life in Our World – Whodunit?

Someone tried to steal our car last night. When I went outside this morning, the car wasn’t there; it was out on the road. I went back inside and asked Calvin, “Did you play a joke on me?” I took him outside and showed him where the car was parked.

He said in his correcting tone, “Jane I’ve told you a thousand times not to leave the keys in the car. You did, didn’t you?” I didn’t even have to answer because he quickly followed that accusation with another, “I wonder if Ray did it to pull a prank on you. “ He quickly answered his own question, “No, Ray wouldn’t have done that. He’d have known I had a gun.”

We walked out to get the car, but when I tried to start it the battery was dead. While Calvin went to get jumper cables I waited and thought,“Someone has been sitting in my chair.”  I never did much care for Goldilocks.

It was all quite strange. Nothing seemed to be missing and, other than my sunglasses were in the seat rather than in the console, nothing was out of order. After the car started, I went back into the house to grab some toast and to hear Calvin again warn me of the dangers of leaving the keys in the car. I assured him, with a kiss, that the thief had effectively taught the lesson that his thousand warnings had not and left for work.

Later this morning I wondered about the gas card stored in the console and hidden among extra napkins. Sure enough, it was gone. I called Calvin and he notified the gas company and cancelled the card. The service representative verified that someone had attempted to use the card early this morning but the purchase had been denied.

Argh. What could have happened? Why did the car quit? Did it quit or did I just spook the thief when I got up at midnight for a drink? The car is ten years old and only had a quarter of a tank of gas in it, was it just not worth the effort to finish stealing it? How did they find the gas card without making a mess of the whole car? That is the mystery.


Everything else in life is marching along. (Ha. I didn’t even see that pun coming.) A mourning dove coo’ed this afternoon, a frog is croaking now, and the hydrangea bush sent up shoots; we’ve even gotten into the 60’s this week. Amazing how hopeful you feel when things start to warm up and move again.


Our Relief Society president has a hard time speaking English and it’s difficult to decipher conversations especially over the phone. She called yesterday and I think this is what she said, “Sister, I tell all the Americans to come to dinner at 7:00 and I tell all the Mexicans to come to dinner at 6:30. You come at 7:00 tomorrow night, okay? Mexicans always late.  You come at 7:00.”

I’m delivering the birthday cake so even if I got the message wrong I’ll be in time for dessert . . . that is if I quit blogging and go.


melanie said...

Oh my goodness! A mystery indeed and quite an unsettling one. Where was Dan and why was he not barking his head off??!

A couple days ago it was 68 degrees. I did feel more hopeful that day. It was lovely.

Laughing about dinner. Did it start at 7?

Deanna/Mimi said...

I am sorry about your experience. It gives one the creeps to know that your property has been invaded and violated. Not a happy, secure feeling. May the violator realize that although you did not catch him....that God sees and knows all. I think that is why as a young child I knew I was being watched and I did not want Jesus Christ mad at me, so I was a good girl (most of the time.) One thing that gives me comfort Jane is that when we moved into our home that we dedicated it to the Lord and called upon the angels of heaven to watch over us. We still always pray for guardian angels to protect our home, our family and all that reside on our farm. It is comforting.

Jill said...

That is just too crazy! What a story! I like Calvin's comment about Ray knowning he has a gun, that's funny.

We've had weather in the 60's this week and it makes my soul sing! It's amazing how it affects everyone and everything, it brings so much hope and happiness after a freezing, gray winter.

Lucy said...

That's pretty creepy but I'm glad the thief was unsuccessful. And, yes, the thief's warning will be much more effective than a husbands:)

Hope your 7:00 time worked out!

Marie said...

EEEwww! I would hate that! How long did it take you to feel comfortable again? I'd just feel so...I don't know, maybe "exposed" is the right word, but not quite.

Glad the thief didn't finish the job and you were only out a gas card.

(PS: just read down several posts. I LOVE orange rolls, and would choose them over cinnamon every time.)

Janae said...

This is creepy! Was your guard dog guarding his dog bed?! :) Glad everything worked out!