Sunday, March 17, 2013

52 Blessings - Dan the Dog

Dan winks at me. Calvin says it isn't so, but then Dan has never winked at him.

It is very gentlemanly. He only does it when I've been looking into his eyes for a long while. Then ever so subtly, he winks with one eye.  It's a very, very sweet thing. He is a very good friend.

He is also protective. More than once men have honked their horns from the driveway so that I'll come call him off.   He's a fierce defender . . . unless of course he's holed up asleep in the garage and then he'll let you steal the car.

Dan is one of our blessings. In all of our dog years, I've never loved another one as much.


melanie said...

You mean I can honk next time I come over and you'll Call Dan off? Why haven't I thought about that?

I so wish he would've been awake. That gas card would still be in its place.

Julie said...

Steve said he was helping Travis with something at your house the other day and Dan barked at him the whole time! What a good dog. Rolf protects me from men too. Women and kids he loves....the perfect dog! It makes you feel safer. I do think it's funny that he will let someone steal your car. :)

Lucy said...

Your first sentence would be an excellent start to a novel. It grabbed me!

What a cute dog. I wish I had more affection towards hounds in general because I recognize what a blessing they can be for families but I just do not feel it and thus, have no dogs winking at me:-(

Watson Family said...

I feel the same way about my dog too, and sincerely agree that they are such wonderful blessings in our lives!