Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday Tried It - PB & BP

Puzzle Blocks

When Cali and Ande were here a couple of weeks ago we did a couple of fun pinterest projects.  The first one was these puzzle blocks found here:   

We sat here at the kitchen table visiting and mod-podging for a few hours.  Because we were doing multiple sets, this project got confusing to me very quickly -- so many monkey heads, doctor suits, and fox tails, besides six sides to every block, and nine blocks to every set.  I wondered how I would ever make sure each set had them all.  Ande kept straightening my piles for me and when I accidentally grabbed from the wrong pile and started to get confused all over again, she'd straighten me out.

I finally said, "I just don't get why this is so confusing to me."

Ande said, "I'm a visual learner, remember?  These pictures bring order and sense."  And it did to her.  In fact, she even coordinated hers in such a way that all of the sides of her blocks can match up perfectly at the same time.  I settled to just get all heads on one block, feet on another, and middles on the third block.

We put Levin in the high chair next to us and he painted his blocks with water and was happy to be considered a big people.

We made draw string bags out of ducking fabric and the sets turned out really, really cute.  I'm so glad we made them . . . and that we made them together.  It was a fun project made even better by the visiting.

Bread Pudding

We also made bread pudding from the recipe posted here:

Calvin, Cali, and Ande are all bread pudding fans and they thought this raspberry version was very good.

I highly recommend both pins.


melanie said...

I love that pin! I love it even more that you made them together. I'm certain I'd have your method over Ande's. Cute bags too.

melanie said...

Oh, creative title too!

Julie said...

You should make those for the show! They are adorable and the bag makes them really great!

Cali said...

The best part about those projects is how much fun we had working on them. That dining room table and kitchen hold over half of every good memory I've got stored in my brain. And... I have good memory, so that's a lot of memories. Thank you for creating those places.

Lucy said...

I'm easily overwhelmed by any crafting project so you are a star in my book! It all looks fabulous.

Janae said...

Oh fun! This looks like my kind of night! I'll have to check out this website.