Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Memories - Good Movie

Last night Calvin and I watched an old movie:

We've seen it several times.  It makes me want to read more books, and listen to more music, and try to think of more solutions rather than fret about the obstacles.  Ben Carson, a famous neurosurgeon, is a great thinker.  But most of all, this movie makes me want to be a good person and a good mom. 

The real Ben Carson said he is so grateful that his mother believed in him and refused to see herself as a victim (even though she was one of 23 or 24 children, grew up in foster care, married at 13, and later discovered her husband was a bigamist).  He is quoted as saying, "I not only saw and felt the difference my mother made in my life, I am still living out that difference as a man."

Moms can never be reminded too much that good mothering is indispensable, especially when those moms are in the trenches of everyday serving and loving and believing. 

You're welcome to borrow our movie if you'd like. 

  • What are some uplifting movies that you can watch again and again? I'd love your recommendations.
  •  Did your mom believe in you?  If she did, how did she let you know it?


Carolyn said...

Ben Carson is an extraordinary person. When I went to nationals for Science Olympiad one year he was one of the presenters at our opening ceremony. He was a wonderful speaker and I still remember how much passion he had for doing good.

Carolyn said...

Oh oh!

Searching for Bobby Fischer is a wonderful movie. Brent and I loved it.

My mom (and dad for that matter) did/do believe in me. I don't know if I could pinpoint exactly one thing that make me know. It's the culmination of a lot of little things.

melanie said...

I'll have to order it from the library (and keep it away from Owen's hiding hands). Is it ok for the kids to watch?

Lucy said...

I've never heard of him or of that movie. But I'm always on the prowl for something we can watch as family. Thanks for the recommendation.

Michelle said...

Did I ever send you the link to his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast? Because I meant to. It's 27 and a half minutes long, and it is SOOO good. I'm going to have to watch that movie now!

Chandra said...

Ben Carson gave such a great motivational speech at the National Science Olympiad competition. I bought two of his books that night. He is an inspiration. He made those young middle school and high school kids want to study harder and it made them realize that with hard work they could accomplish anything they wanted to.

Chandra said...

Oh....and the uplifting movie I love is October Sky. Such a great movie.

melanie said...

It's on Netflix and it's going to brogue Saturday night movie. Thanks!

Barb said...

Okay, and now after reading the comments I have 3 movies to try!