Sunday, April 21, 2013

52 Blessings - Mormon Messages

I never watch a Mormon Message without feeling edified and uplifted.  I watch them over and over again.

I love the power of images, music, and truth combined.

If I wanted to destroy all that was good and right in the world, I would try to convince people that they are worthless.  I would try to get them to doubt that they are loved and valuable.  I would try to make them think it's a free-for-all on Earth and nothing but a game of Survivor so either quit early or use your wits and smash everyone else.  If I wanted to destroy all that was good and right, that is what I would do.  

But I don't want to destroy all that is good and right and that is why I like this video.  It reminds us of the grand design.  Life isn't a game, nor is it a brawl; life is not happenstance, nor are we advanced amoebas.  We have a real Father with a real plan that brings real happiness and it is a real blessing to know that.      

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melanie said...

Multiple times and from multiple messages, I've felt my Heavenly Father's love for me. He knows me and has answered my prayers again and again in these short videos. They are a blessing in my life too.