Saturday, April 20, 2013

Life in Our World - Charlie's Wedding

Jake, Bruce, Charlie, Nephi, Chris

Calvin and I drove down to Idaho to attend our niece Charlie’s wedding. There is a throng of family from both the bride and groom here to celebrate. My sister Chris and brother-in-law Bruce own the livestock sale in Twin Falls, Idaho and the buyers and workers are family to them as well, so besides aunts, uncles, and cousins, Charlie has scores of sale-yard family to celebrate with her, too.

Charlie and her new husband Nephi got married in the Twin Falls Temple this morning. The sun shines through a beautiful floor-to-ceiling stained glass window in the room where Charlie and Nephi were sealed for eternity. Nephi’s grin never left his face; Bruce was smiling too, but he had tears running down his cheeks as well. It was a sweet and beautiful event.

While Charlie and Nephi stayed behind with the photographer to have pictures taken on the temple grounds, Bruce had to get back home to load more cattle; Jake, Charlie’s brother, had to get back to the sale to auctioneer; and Chris went to our sister Lynn’s house where everyone had gathered to eat. When Charlie and Nephi finished taking pictures, they went looking for family. They first checked the sale yard – she in her flouncy, white dress and with her bouquet and he in his suit, vest, and tie. With goats and pigs filing through the sale ring, the auctioneer (another one besides Jake) announced to the rows of buyers that the newest married couple in Idaho was there. People clapped and opened their wallets. 

It wasn’t such a bad idea after all. 

Jake accepting a bid
After we ate at Lynn’s a couple dozen of us drove to the sale yard to watch Jake auctioneer. Cattle is in the family blood, and Jake has bought and sold cattle for years . . . and he’s only 21 now. He dreams, breathes, and eats cattle, and now he speaks it, too.  He's been auctioneering for over a year.  It was fun to see him do something so well that he loves and knows. 


Later this evening we went to a banquet hall for Nephi and Charlie’s reception. It was a sit-down dinner of tri-tip steak, herbed potatoes, green beans, salad, and rolls. And cake.

It was a fun evening and Calvin and I really enjoyed not only being with family, but seeing so many community people that we haven't seen since we moved to Washington nearly fifteen years ago.  

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Deidra said...

Man alive, it seems that we're in southern Idaho we're here about the same time. Next time, I'll mail you our itinerary.

Chris and I did sealings in the TF temple on Friday morning. The sun didnt shine through the windows because it was raining, but it still was beautiful.

(Pardon all the typos. If I go back to fix them while typing on my phone, my keyboard freezes up.)