Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Homemaking Tip - Energy

We left in the middle of the night when we thought Atlas was going to be born.  I warned Calvin he'd be real sorry in a day or two if he didn't empty the chicken bucket and trash the next day, but what I forgot to tell him was to watch out for the bread cupboard.

I came home to a whopping culture.  Mr. Dykes, my 7th grade science teacher, would have loved looking at it under his microscope.  I daresn't even feed it to the chickens for fear the eggs would be more like penicillin cattle boluses.

But today's tip has nothing to do with bread or mold, it has to do with energy.

Don Aslett, the king of clean, wrote that when you get tired if you'll just change your activity you will recharge.  He said you don't have to rest to get your energy back, just redirect it.

I often think of his advice.  Today I sat down to work on a class and within 25 minutes had dozed off.  I was sorely tempted to take a nap as my change in activity but made bread instead.  In a little over an hour there were 8 loaves of bread on the counter and a roast ready to go into the oven.  Re-energized I sat down and worked on the class again.  Within an hour I had the same problem.  I got back up and folded laundry.  By the time I sat down the third time I had enough energy to forge through the assignment for a couple of hours.  It felt so good to send it off . . . and we had bread and clean clothes as a bonus.

I don't remember everything from Don Aslett's books but I've been able to wring a lot of extra energy out of that one little tidbit.


Cali said...

I often think of that tidbit as're not TIRED, just TIRED of what you were doing.

melanie said...

This is how I got the lawn mowed last night. I wanted a nap at 530, which was impossible, so instead I got up and worked outside. I'm going to knowingly apply this more often!

Gwen said...

I think this is great advice and it really is true! Except for when I'm pregnant... ;)

Becky said...

Love it! It always drove my mom crazy the way I would jump between chores but I think it is really the key to my productivity. :-)