Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday Tried It - Drinking Jar

There are a hundred drinking jar ideas on Pinterest.  Since I have a lot of extra jars with lids I thought I'd make a dozen.  They looked cost effective (used jars, left-over spray paint) and cute with individual drink packets and straws.

Calvin drilled the holes in the lids for me.  He found you must drill v.e.r.y. slowly if you want a nice clean cut.  After I spray painted them I put little rubber grommets in the hole.  The grommets were $1 each at Lowe's, so that took the fun out of it because you can get a drinking container at the dollar store for that much.  And another thing that took the starch right out of the project was when I went to Costco this week and saw these for $5 each

They're insulated, bigger . . . and bright and cheery.

I'd say my drinking jar project was pretty much a bust.

On to the next Pinterest project.


Amie said...

Thanks for letting us know… I have been tempted to try those, they are always so cute. Yours turned out great but I understand the letdown.

Amie said...

And you are right, reading in the phone is so handy but isn't good for my commenting.

Deidra said...

My mom and sisters were looking into making these (well, really just the lids) and found the grommets online for pretty cheap. You just had to buy a huge number of them to get the cost per each down. Maybe split an order with someone?