Saturday, September 14, 2013

13 Pictures for September 13, 2013

Grace:  A baby boy coming on Valentine's Day 2014!!!

Abe:  Visiting Joe and Ande and meeting Zeph for the first time

Joe:  Dinner with Abe and Grace

Ande: The front of our new house.
We went out to visit it today with Abe and Grace and can't wait to move in!

Ande:  My view on our morning walk

Zeph: Zeph's favorite food is sweet potatoes.
He ate that entire container in 3 days.

Afton: Afton loves toast. Afton loves ham. Afton loves cheese.
 However, apparently in grilled ham and cheese form,
only one of those is worth eating.  And you can forget about the apples.

Michelle: Yes, I'm still pregnant. No, I don't want to talk about it.

Ty: My first Pinterest project. In my defense, Michelle is the one that found it.
 Our canned food storage.

Calvin:  Welcome to Idaho by the State Police.
Somehow 75 in a 55 doesn't fly in Idaho.

Jane:  On our way to a wedding.  I'm sitting in the backseat listening to
Calvin tell Jake (nephew) about guns and Jake tell Calvin about auctioneering 

(I had to fudge on my picture and take it the morning of the 14th 'cause my 13th picture was too blurry.)

Ray:   Moose 0, Johnny/Ray 1

Ray:  Johnny (brother) eating pudding snacks

[Family, you are the best.  Thanks for the pictures and news.]


Jill said...

Woohoo I'm so excited for Abe and Grace, that's fantastic news!!!

I think I'm in love with Ande's new house!

How much longer for Michelle?!

Where are Ray and Cali?

I feel like a stalker...

Michelle said...

Grace (and Abe) - Still so excited!

Abe - We're jealous you've met Zeph now--we still haven't. Give him a hug for us.

Joe - Classic

Ande - Ummm... your house looks AMAZING!!! And those are some cute toes.

Zeph - I'm impressed! Maybe when you meet your cousin Afton, you can teach her a thing or two about eating.

Ty - You're a good lookin' handy man.

Calvin - Don't take it personal. Idaho cops need SOMETHING to do. (Just kidding Ryan if you read this). ;-)

Jane - that sounds like it would an interesting conversation to listen to... and one in which I could contribute basically nothing.

Jill - any day now.......

Katie said...

What wonderful news for Abe and Grace! And oh, my, am I ever jealous of the porch on Ande's new house! Beautiful!!!

melanie said...

Best news I've read all day. Congrats to Abe and Grace!! And so happy for you and Calvin that they will be close!

Even before I saw the picture I knew I'd love to sit on Ande and Joe's porch (maybe even uninvited). The photo confirmed it, lovely!

You have a wonderful family!

melanie said...

Oh and I need a skill level rating on the canned goods shelves. Curious if they'd land in my range at all (it's a small range). Those are fabulous. Great pin Michelle! Great hammering Ty!

Cassidy said...

Yay for Grace!!!!! Valentine's Day baby boys are the absolute best and sweetest and most adorable. I can speak from experience. So so excited.

Becky said...

Hooray! So many great things in one post! Like Jill, I feel like a stalker. :-)

Becky said...

Hooray! So many great things in one post! Like Jill, I feel like a stalker. :-)

Marie said...

AAHHH! I'm so excited for Grace and Abe! By far the best picture of the bunch, but the others were pretty good too.