Sunday, September 15, 2013

52 Blessings - Vicarious Living

Jake and Calvin

Calvin and I planned to own land, run cattle, and raise crops in Idaho when we were first married. Things didn’t work out that way.

This weekend we went to Idaho for a wedding. We stopped and spent the night with my sister’s family. Jake, my 21-year-old nephew, took us to see the 40 acres he just bought. A few weeks ago he had a 600 foot well dug on the property and plans to build a house there within a year or two. It was pretty exciting to see him doing that thing he loves to do and what we had once hoped we would do.

Grace and Ande

Zeph and Uncle Abe

Abe and Grace drove north to South Carolina to see Joe, Ande, and Zeph this weekend. They got to hear Zeph’s new sounds and experience Joe and Ande’s new life. While we would have loved to be there with both families, it was gratifying seeing the weekend through their eyes.

There are too many good things in life for one person to be able to experience. I’ve learned that I can either be unhappy and paralyzed coveting to have it all or learn to enjoy experiences through others’ opportunities. I’ve learned to love and seize the opportunities that are mine, but vicariously enjoy the opportunities that others get too. It’s like having it all. That is a big blessing.

Any vicarious living for you this week?


Michelle said...

You are VERY good at this. Thanks for sharing about it. Love you.

Cali said...

I love those pictures... especially loved the picture of Abe and Zeph and honking about Jake living out your long ago dream. Thanks mom.

Cali said...

Thinking... not honkingšŸ˜„

melanie said...

You are very good at this, I agree with Michelle. Great pictures too. I love the one of Ande and Grace.

I live through other people's travels to far off places (or the east coast or the south or the north...). I don't travel really ever, so I'm glad other people do. It's fun to see their pictures and hear their stories (like Lucy's trip to Jerusalem!)