Wednesday, November 13, 2013

{13+ Pictures Taken on the 13th Day of November 2013}

Ande - This is what homeowners look like!
(Jane speaking here.  Joe and Ande closed on their home today.)

Joe - what painters look like.  So glad we're not doing it ourselves.

Zeph with his greatest objects of desire:  a piece of trash, a pinwheel pen,
and his tambourine.  Being naked doesn't hurt.

Ty practicing in the cockpit trainer

Afton wiping her nose. 

Eliza and her nose sucker.

Michelle - post work out.

Abe - Grace taking my picture for me because I'm tuckered
out after a long day of work

Grace - These items were 40-60% off and I got an additional 20% off for being
a military wife shopping during the Veteran's Day sale at Joann's. I love military discounts!

Cali - something I made

Atlas and Levin - tandem brain rotting.

Ray - I live out of my laptop bag - it's amazing what you can fit into this bag . . .
or should I say it's amazing how little I need to live off of for a few days!

Jane - preparing to read books via facetime
with Afton and Levin

Calvin - watching a gun making video
(Jane speaking here.  This is what kind of a photo you get when you say, "Just
hurry and take the picture so I can finish watching this.")

Thanks family.  I love seeing what one day brings.


Michelle said...

We love these! Thanks for always doing them.

Whitney Stuart said...

Great shots as always! Levin looks ginormous, when did that happen?!

Jill said...

Dang, Whitney was signed in, but that comment was from me.

Kim Sue said...

Tandem brain rotting...ha!

Love that you have reading time via FaceTime!

Ande said...

Ditto to Michelle!

melanie said...

Tandem brain rotting! I love Cali's wit. So funny.

Love this post, it's chock full of goodness.