Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday Tried It - Germs, Infinity, and the Like

I saw a sign on Pinterest several months ago that hung in a child's bathroom.  The saying on it got stuck in my head and I still mutter it to myself every now and then when I wash my hands.

I made little gift tags with the saying to attach as neighbor Christmas gifts.  One with "wash" for soap/towel and another with "wipe" for anti-bacterial wipes.

Feel free to copy them.

Chocolate on My Cranium ran a guest post of mine a couple of days ago.   She also pinned it.  So that makes two pins I used this week.

To Infinity and Beyond
by Jane Payne

Have you used anything from Pinterest this week?  Do tell.  Do tell.


Grace said...

What adorable gifts and I LOVE that saying! SO cute! I'll definitely have to use that idea sometime.

melanie said...

You are the best at giving gifts. Your presentation is always an A+.

I loved your guest post!