Saturday, December 14, 2013

Life in Our World - Instantly.

jcpayne62  5 hours of church today.  Just ended it at the Russian
church service and a potluck birthday party.  Sava ate of many plates.
He ate most of the frosting off mine before his grandma scolded him
and made him eat off hers instead

jcpayne62  The elf and I had 60 sausage mcmuffins ready by 6:00 am

jcpayne62  The lake is mostly frozen, but the geese are crammed into
the one spot that isn't.

jcpayne62   Feliz Navidad.

jcpayne62  114th Army-Navy Game

jcpayne62   I think even God got the memo that pink is the new
red for Christmas

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melanie said...

You look fabulous...and younger with those hip glasses. I LOVE them! Miss you.