Saturday, December 14, 2013

Life in Our World - Sixteen for 12 of '13

Grace - Today I am 31 weeks and 7 months pregnant. 2 months to go!

Abe - Quick dinner before a long night of training.  It's a lame picture but they won't let us take
pictures of what we're doing.

Afton - Things to note in this picture: a crib stripped of bedding,
the laundry basket, the garbage can next to the bed, Sesame Street on the computer,
and the little girl who is actually holding still.

Eliza - This little gem chose a good time to fall asleep without help--
her sick sister was running around wet and naked and took a higher priority
at the moment.

 Michelle - Today I am grateful for cell phones (which I luckily had on me)
and that we have a maintenance office nearby with a spare key.

Ty - "I'm so glad when daddy comes home..."

Zeph - I'm in my crib ironically, I didn't actually take a nap today.
Good thing I'm cute and happy!

Ande - First night in our new house! Joe didn't want to be in the picture,
but his thumb did.

Joe - This is what a lot of mornings look like.

Calvin - cooking 14 pork shoulders and 14 gallons of beans for the Spanish Branch Christmas Party.
(Jane speaking here.  Ohhhh, it was good.  The meat was incredible, and Calvin was happy
because he could put as many jalapenos in the beans and as much cayenne pepper in the meat rub
as he wanted and I couldn't say once, "Now remember, Calvin, people might not like their food
as hot as you do and you're cooking for a group."
He made the "pulled pork" by attaching a little metal plate that he had welded onto his power drill.
Then he put the barbecued meat, one roast at a time, into a pan and drilled the fire out of it.
Wa-la: pulled pork.
A chicken plucker, one day, and a pork puller the next - he's handy folks.  He's handy.)

Jane - At the branch party.

Levin - Pretending he's a baby. He's asleep in the crib tonight too...
not sure why... just regressing I guess.

Atlas - a good one

Ray - Work is fun, right?

Cali - Atlas has a new bed-mate. They were having a great time until
I busted up the party... and separated them into different rooms

Ray - Our Christmas tree decorated just how I like it. Pre-lit and no ornaments.


Jill said...

I love seeing everybody! Grace is looking so beautiful!

Rachel said...

I can't get enough of those KIDS!! But, I gotta say the one of Michelle locked out of the house is side splitting. SO FUNNY!

Tom Earl said...

I so enjoyed ready your blog. I seriously miss you guys. Our love to both of you.

Kathy said...

I enjoyed all of these posts, such good senses of humor. But Michelle, what a panic, I am glad help was near. We locked two or our grandchildren in the car once and I was a basket case, thank heavens help was near us too!

melanie said...

I love to see your family in these posts. Do you have them all on board for next year or is there another creative idea for posts to include the whole family?

I'm not sure you'll ever get released from Spanish branch with Calvin cooking. That's a pretty handy invention. Impressed again.